Lil Rue & Young L Dot – Dope


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1 Bruce Lee 06:01
Featuring – Saeed
2 30 Clip Outfit 06:18
3 Ain’t Got 03:25
4 On The Concrete 04:19
5 Dirt On My Name 02:57
6 The Dope Dick 03:29
7 Fuck How You Feelin’ 03:56
8 Ray Charles 04:17
9 Like Me 02:56
10 One Time 02:52
11 Mackin’ 02:56
12 Real One 03:15
13 Stay Out My Face 03:39
14 Keep It True 03:09


“Dope” is a highly engaging collaboration project by Oakland-based rappers Lil Rue and Young L Dot, released on March 27, 2018, under So True Music Group. The album showcases the duo’s impressive chemistry and unique lyrical abilities, as they explore various themes related to their experiences and the realities of the streets.

The album kicks off with “Bruce Lee,” a powerful track featuring Saeed that sets the tone for the rest of the project. “30 Clip Outfit” delivers an energetic vibe, showcasing the duo’s skillful wordplay and captivating flow.

“Ain’t Got” is a raw and honest track that dives into the struggles of life and the desire to rise above adversity. “On The Concrete” continues this theme, painting a vivid picture of the harsh realities faced on the streets of Oakland.

“Dirt On My Name” is a defiant anthem that addresses the rumors and negativity often faced by those in the public eye. “The Dope Dick” is a catchy and infectious track with a memorable hook, while “Fuck How You Feelin'” is an unapologetic declaration of self-assurance and confidence.

“Ray Charles” is a smooth and melodic track that demonstrates the duo’s versatility and ability to switch between styles effortlessly. “Like Me” is a boastful anthem that highlights the rappers’ individuality and unique talents.

“One Time” is an introspective piece that tackles the challenges of staying true to oneself in the face of adversity. “Mackin'” is an upbeat and infectious track that showcases the duo’s charisma and swagger.

“Real One” is a heartfelt tribute to loyalty and friendship, while “Stay Out My Face” is a commanding statement of self-preservation and resilience. The album concludes with “Keep It True,” a powerful and inspiring track that serves as a reminder to stay true to one’s principles and values.

“Dope” is a captivating project that highlights the undeniable talent and chemistry between Lil Rue and Young L Dot, solidifying their place in the hip-hop landscape.



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