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1 Intro 02:25
Featuring – Joe Blow
2 Big Freestyle 2011 01:28
3 Slap Yo Bitch Up 02:29
Featuring – T-Bo
4 Boo Goone 03:15
Featuring – Moe Mudd, T-Bo
5 My Cup 03:28
Featuring – Young Lox
6 Watch Ya Girlie 02:17
Featuring – Young Lox
7 For The Night 01:31
8 40 On My Lap Freestyle 02:52
9 Black On Black 03:05
Featuring – J Folks
10 Aob Freestyle 05:11
Featuring – Moe Mudd, T-Bo
11 Lerkin Interlude 02:31
12 Nasty 02:24
Featuring – Lil Blood
13 Lonely 03:47
Featuring – Young Lox, Lil Tae
14 Nothin’ 02:33
Featuring – T-Bo
15 Three Girls 02:33
16 Jet Planes 01:10
17 Airplanes 03:35
Featuring – Joe Blow
18 Polo On My Body 03:00
19 Ain’t Fuckin’ Wit 02:55
Featuring – Young Lox, Lil Tae
20 Why Don’t You 03:06
Featuring – Young Lox
21 Faded 03:23
Featuring – T-Bo
22 Red Bottles 02:52
Featuring – Young Lox
23 I Don’t Guve A Shit 03:31
Featuring – Young Lox
24 Go Get It 03:11
Featuring – Hot Boi Weeze, Lil Blood
25 All In 03:44
Featuring – Young Lox, Lil Tae


“So True Music Group” is a masterful compilation album from Oakland rapper Lil Rue, released on March 30, 2018. The album is a showcase of Lil Rue’s versatility, featuring collaborations with prominent artists such as Joe Blow, Lil Blood, Young Lox, Lil Tae, and others. The compilation highlights Lil Rue’s ability to blend various styles and genres, offering listeners a diverse and immersive listening experience.

The album begins with a powerful intro featuring Joe Blow, setting the stage for the energetic tracks to follow. “Big Freestyle 2011” showcases Lil Rue’s lyrical prowess, while “Slap Yo Bitch Up” features an energetic performance from T-Bo.

“Boo Goone” is a collaboration with Moe Mudd and T-Bo that delivers a catchy hook and memorable verses. “My Cup” and “Watch Ya Girlie” feature Young Lox, with both tracks highlighting the artists’ strong chemistry and ability to create captivating music together.

“For The Night” is a laid-back track perfect for late-night listening, while “40 On My Lap Freestyle” brings the energy back with a fast-paced, hard-hitting performance from Lil Rue. “Black On Black” featuring J Folks delivers a haunting and introspective vibe, followed by “Aob Freestyle,” a collaboration with Moe Mudd and T-Bo that further showcases their musical synergy.

“Lerkin Interlude” serves as a palate cleanser before the gritty and raw “Nasty” featuring Lil Blood. “Lonely,” a collaboration with Young Lox and Lil Tae, is a heartfelt and emotional track that speaks to the challenges faced in life.

“Nothin'” featuring T-Bo and “Three Girls” offer a change of pace with their playful and infectious energy. “Jet Planes” is a brief but impactful track, leading into the introspective “Airplanes” featuring Joe Blow.

“Polo On My Body” and “Ain’t Fuckin’ Wit” featuring Young Lox and Lil Tae showcase the artists’ ability to create catchy and memorable tracks. “Why Don’t You” and “Faded” continue this trend, while “Red Bottles” featuring Young Lox delivers a luxurious and aspirational vibe.

“I Don’t Give A Shit” and “Go Get It” featuring Hot Boi Weeze and Lil Blood demonstrate the artists’ unyielding determination and ambition. The compilation concludes with “All In,” a powerful collaboration with Young Lox and Lil Tae that serves as the perfect ending to this exceptional collection of tracks.



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