L.V. – Hustla 4 Life


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1 Bounce 04:06
Featuring – Young Prodeje
2 The Art Of Making Luv 03:01
3 Be On Your Way 03:01
4 Just Wanna Please Ya 03:48
5 Please Explain 03:11
6 Slow Down 04:26
7 Get Ya Swang On 04:31
8 It’s All Good 05:07
9 Chill 03:55
10 Give Ya Luv 03:54
11 Wtchin’ U 03:30
Featuring – Young Prodeje
12 R-I-P (Rest In Peace) 04:31
13 Shiny Dime 04:10
14 Bounce – Remix 03:59
Featuring – Young Prodeje, Zig Zag
15 Sunshine 05:19


“Hustla 4 Life” is a rare album by singer L.V., hailing from Los Angeles, California. Released on March 23, 2010, by P-Vine Records, the album features collaborations with Young Prodeje and Zig Zag. L.V., whose real name is Larry Sanders, is best known for singing the chorus on Coolio’s 1995 hit single “Gangsta’s Paradise.” The acronym “LV” stands for “Large Variety.”

The album showcases a blend of hip-hop and funk/soul, with a distinct G-Funk and RnB/Swing style. Kicking off with “Bounce,” featuring Young Prodeje, the album sets a groovy tone that resonates throughout the entire project. “The Art of Making Luv” follows, delivering a smooth and sensual R&B track that highlights L.V.’s vocal prowess.

Songs like “Be On Your Way” and “Just Wanna Please Ya” demonstrate L.V.’s versatility, as he effortlessly transitions between hip-hop and R&B influences. With tracks such as “Please Explain” and “Slow Down,” L.V. showcases his ability to convey emotion through his music, while “Get Ya Swang On” and “It’s All Good” bring back the funky, feel-good vibes.

“Chill” and “Give Ya Luv” continue to blend the album’s hip-hop and R&B elements, while “Wtchin’ U,” featuring Young Prodeje, adds a more introspective touch to the project. “R-I-P (Rest in Peace)” and “Shiny Dime” further exemplify L.V.’s versatility and creativity.

The album concludes with the “Bounce – Remix,” featuring Young Prodeje and Zig Zag, adding a fresh spin to the opening track, and “Sunshine,” a soulful, uplifting song that brings the album to a fitting close. “Hustla 4 Life” is a testament to L.V.’s talent and the breadth of his musical abilities, making it a must-listen for fans of hip-hop, funk, and soul.



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