L.O.L. – Do Or Die


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1 I Wanna B Free 04:12
2 Boom Boom Crac 04:14
Featuring – Jr. P.
3 Memori Lane 04:43
4 Can U Feel It 03:56
Featuring – Dollar Ven
5 Episode 04:02
6 Save The Children 04:16
7 Rolling With The Flavor 03:51
8 Lock Down 04:01
9 Do Or Die 04:19
Featuring – Dollar Ven, Jr. P.
10 Eye 4-N Eye 03:27
11 Can U Feel The Music 03:56
12 Boom Boom Crac (Radio Mix) 04:11


“Do Or Die” is the debut studio album by Los Angeles-based rap group L.O.L. (Lords Of Lyrics), released on August 30, 1994, by Pyramid Records Group. This groundbreaking album features a blend of gangsta rap and G-funk, showcasing the group’s talent and unique style.

The album features a total of 12 tracks, with the first ten divided into “Side One” and “Side Two,” followed by two “Bonus Cuts.” Standout tracks include “I Wanna B Free,” “Boom Boom Crac,” featuring Jr. P., and “Memori Lane,” which highlight the group’s ability to craft catchy hooks and deliver hard-hitting lyrics. Other noteworthy songs include “Can U Feel It,” featuring Dollar Ven, and the socially conscious “Save The Children.”

“Do Or Die” also boasts an impressive array of collaborators, such as executive producer Roi Wms, producer Twin, and DJ Marq on the scratches. The album was recorded at Paramount Recording Studios, with engineering by Al Nyabingi Singleton and Anne Catalino.

Throughout the album, L.O.L. demonstrates their skill in blending gangsta rap with the smooth sounds of G-funk, creating an unforgettable listening experience for fans of both genres. As the debut release from this talented group, “Do Or Die” serves as an introduction to the Lords Of Lyrics and their distinct sound that would continue to evolve in the years to come.

For fans of 90s hip-hop, “Do Or Die” is an essential album that showcases the incredible talent and versatility of L.O.L., who would go on to make a significant impact on the Los Angeles rap scene.



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