L.A.D. Featuring Darvy Traylor – Ridin’ Low


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1 Ridin’ Low 04:13
2 Party Nite 04:31
3 City Of Angels 06:58
4 Ghetto 05:00
5 Runaway 03:36
6 Just For Da Funk 04:24
7 Me And Mrs Jane 04:06
8 Listen Up 04:31
9 I’ve Got Nothing 03:50
10 West Coast Thang 04:29
11 Ridin’ Low (Joy Ride Version) 06:09


“Ridin’ Low” is the one and only studio album by the Los Angeles-based rap group L.A.D. Released on November 21, 1995, by Hollywood Records, the album features a G-Funk style that was popular during the mid-90s West Coast hip-hop scene.

The album kicks off with the title track, “Ridin’ Low,” which features vocals from Darvy Traylor, setting the tone for the smooth, laid-back vibe that permeates throughout the album. “Party Nite,” featuring Karen Floyd, brings an upbeat energy, perfect for those looking to hit the dance floor.

“City Of Angels,” with vocals by Thea Austin, pays homage to the group’s hometown of Los Angeles, showcasing their love for the city and its vibrant hip-hop culture. The tracks “Ghetto” and “Runaway” explore the struggles and experiences of living in the urban environment, while “Just For Da Funk” offers a funk-infused groove that’s hard to resist.

“Me And Mrs Jane” slows things down with a melodic track that showcases the group’s versatility. “Listen Up” features a guest rap by Strez, adding another layer to the album’s dynamic sound. “I’ve Got Nothing” incorporates a rap by A.L.T. and vocals from Darvy Traylor, making it a standout track on the album.

“West Coast Thang,” featuring another rap by Strez, highlights the group’s West Coast roots and their commitment to representing their region in the rap game. The album concludes with “Ridin’ Low (Joy Ride Version),” an extended version of the title track, featuring Darvy Traylor’s captivating vocals.

Producers on the album include Darin Black, Joey Holland, Kid Frost, Richard Preuss, Sidney Perry, and Victor Calaba. As the only album by L.A.D., “Ridin’ Low” stands as a testament to the group’s contribution to the West Coast G-Funk era.



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