Killa Tay – Killa Tay Presents Eargasms


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1 Just A Young Thug 04:19
2 High & Loaded 03:29
3 The Sky Is The Limit 03:03
4 We Make It Hard 03:43
5 West Coast 04:07
6 I’m From California 03:40
7 So Special 03:56
8 Feelin Her Vibe 03:43
9 Let Me Get That 04:03
10 These 1’s 04:40
11 She Can Be My Actress 02:27
12 More Than Just Rap 04:27
13 Who Do I Ask?? 04:03
14 Stupid Hoes 03:29
15 Aint Handlin Nothin 03:47
16 Go Hard Or Go Home 05:48


“Killa Tay Presents Eargasms” is a captivating mixtape by Fresno, California rapper Killa Tay. Released in 2015 by Bay Area WCM, this project showcases Killa Tay’s lyrical prowess and creative vision across 16 tracks that delve into various themes and aspects of life in the West Coast.

The mixtape opens with “Just A Young Thug,” setting the tone for Killa Tay’s storytelling and immersive lyricism. “High & Loaded” and “The Sky Is The Limit” offer a glimpse into Killa Tay’s ambitions and dreams, while “We Make It Hard” and “West Coast” pay homage to the region that shaped his music.

“I’m From California” continues the celebration of Killa Tay’s roots, with a catchy hook and memorable verses. The mixtape takes a more introspective turn with “So Special” and “Feelin Her Vibe,” showcasing Killa Tay’s versatility as an artist.

“Let Me Get That” and “These 1’s” touch on the pursuit of success and the challenges that come with it. In “She Can Be My Actress,” Killa Tay explores relationships and attraction, while “More Than Just Rap” emphasizes his passion for his craft.

The mixtape takes a reflective turn with “Who Do I Ask??” as Killa Tay contemplates the uncertainties of life. “Stupid Hoes” and “Aint Handlin Nothin” address the pitfalls and obstacles faced in the journey to success.

“Go Hard Or Go Home,” the mixtape’s closing track, serves as a powerful anthem for perseverance and determination, leaving listeners with a lasting impression of Killa Tay’s unwavering commitment to his art.



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