Keak Da Sneak – Town Business


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1 Bruskey 03:41
Featuring – Skee 64
2 Cat Pi$$ 03:31
3 Dopehouse & Powder 04:37
Featuring – Skee 64
4 Find Em, F@ck Em 03:42
5 German Helmets 03:17
6 Get Enough 04:02
Featuring – Mad Lung
7 All My Ni@@az 03:15
8 I Keep Forgetting 04:03
9 Leaning 04:08
Featuring – Skee 64
10 Lookin At Bootie 04:48
Featuring – Cellski
11 Light Tha Blunt 02:53
12 Support Your Own Supply 03:46
Featuring – Big Slep Rock, Luni Coleone
13 Kill 4 Fun 03:54


“Town Business” is a studio album by the renowned Oakland, California rapper, Keak Da Sneak. Released in 2004 under the label Next Level Entertainment, this album epitomizes Keak’s distinct style, featuring elements of gangsta rap and hyphy. With guest appearances by Skee 64, Mad Lung, Cellski, Big Slep Rock, and Luni Coleone, “Town Business” showcases a diverse array of talent and solidifies Keak Da Sneak’s status as an influential figure in the hip-hop scene.

Throughout the album, Keak Da Sneak delivers powerful tracks that highlight his unique voice and lyrical prowess. Opening with “Bruskey,” featuring Skee 64, the album sets the stage for a raw and unapologetic exploration of life in Oakland. Tracks such as “Dopehouse & Powder,” “German Helmets,” and “Get Enough” showcase Keak’s storytelling abilities, while collaborations with Mad Lung, Cellski, Big Slep Rock, and Luni Coleone add depth and variety to the album.

“Town Business” also features several standout tracks, including “Leaning” and “Support Your Own Supply,” which display Keak Da Sneak’s ability to create catchy hooks and memorable choruses. The album was later re-released as “Town Business: Raw-N-Uncut” in 2005, and once again as “Kunta Kinte” with two newly added bonus tracks, further cementing its significance in Keak Da Sneak’s discography.

Overall, “Town Business” is a testament to Keak Da Sneak’s talent and dedication to his craft, offering fans a glimpse into the gritty reality of Oakland’s streets and the resilience of its inhabitants.



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