Kam – Neva Again


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1 Intro 01:16
2 Peace Treaty 04:02
3 Stereotype 04:30
4 Still Got Love 4 ‘Um 04:24
5 Hang ‘Um High 03:41
6 Drama 03:48
7 Neva Again 03:39
8 Ya’ll Don’t Here Me Dough 03:30
9 Ain’t That A Bitch 03:29
10 Holiday Madness 03:59
11 Watts Riot 03:07
12 Outro 03:30


“Neva Again” is the debut studio album by rapper Kam from Watts, California. Released on February 16, 1993, by EastWest Records America and Street Knowledge Records, this 12-track album blends gangsta and conscious hip-hop styles, establishing Kam as a powerful voice in the industry.

The album opens with an “Intro” produced by Coze, Stan Jones, Stone, and Toothie, setting the tone for the rest of the album. “Peace Treaty,” a track discussing gang violence and the importance of unity, showcases Kam’s conscious rap style. “Stereotype” tackles racial profiling and discrimination, featuring a sample from James Brown’s “Papa Don’t Take No Mess.”

“Still Got Love 4 ‘Um” and “Hang ‘Um High” demonstrate Kam’s storytelling abilities, while “Drama” samples various classic tracks and delivers a message about the harsh realities of street life. The title track, “Neva Again,” discusses the need for change in society, sampling Parliament’s “Flashlight” and Zapp’s “Heartbreaker.”

“Ya’ll Don’t Here Me Dough” and “Ain’t That A Bitch” offer more insight into Kam’s experiences, with the former containing samples from George Clinton’s “Atomic Dog” and Roger Troutman’s “Play Some Blues.” “Holiday Madness” brings attention to the violence that often occurs during the holiday season, and “Watts Riot,” featuring an uncredited appearance by Ice Cube, delves into the historical events surrounding the Watts riots. The album closes with an “Outro” that leaves listeners with a lasting impression.

“Neva Again” is a compelling debut album that showcases Kam’s unique combination of gangsta and conscious rap styles. With powerful messages and skillful storytelling, this album is a must-listen for fans of 90s hip-hop.



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