Kam – Made In America


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1 Intro 02:22
2 Trust Nobody 04:27
3 Pull Ya Hoe Card 04:23
4 That’s My Nigga 04:10
5 Way ‘A Life 04:24
6 Down Fa Mine 05:29
Featuring – Dresta, MC Ren
7 In Traffic 03:59
8 Givin’ It Up 03:40
9 Nut’n Nice 03:41
10 Who Ridin’ 03:51
11 Keep Tha Peace 04:56
12 Represent 04:15
Featuring – D-Dope, K-Mack, Solo


“Made In America” is the second studio album by rapper Kam from Watts, California. Released on March 14, 1995, by EastWest Records America, this 12-track album is an excellent example of the gangsta, conscious, and G-funk styles popular at the time. The album features collaborations with Dresta, MC Ren, D-Dope, K-Mack, and Solo, resulting in a versatile sound and captivating lyrical content.

The album kicks off with the introspective “Intro,” followed by “Trust Nobody,” a powerful track that emphasizes the importance of self-reliance. In “Pull Ya Hoe Card,” Kam partners with producers CMT and E-A-Ski, delivering a hard-hitting tune that showcases his lyrical prowess. “That’s My Nigga,” produced by DJ Quik, explores themes of loyalty and friendship.

“Way ‘A Life” addresses the harsh realities of life on the streets, while “Down Fa Mine,” featuring Dresta and MC Ren, is a fierce track that highlights the artists’ chemistry. “In Traffic” maintains the album’s intensity with a solid beat and strong lyrics. “Givin’ It Up,” engineered by Mark Paladino and produced by Cold 187um, adds a funky vibe to the mix.

“Nut’n Nice” and “Who Ridin'” continue to showcase Kam’s skills as a rapper and storyteller. The album takes a more peaceful turn with “Keep Tha Peace,” co-produced by Kam and Warren G, encouraging unity and nonviolence. “Represent,” featuring D-Dope, K-Mack, and Solo, concludes the album with a strong anthem-like track, leaving a lasting impression on the listener.

“Made In America” is a captivating collection of songs that reflects Kam’s unique style, combining various hip-hop sub-genres and featuring talented artists that complement his sound.



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