K-Luv The Pimp – Master Of The Game


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1 K-Luv The Pimp If You Want To Fuck With Me 04:26
Featuring – Too Short
2 K-Luv The Pimp All On A Hoe 03:49
Featuring – Richie Rich, B-Legit
3 K-Luv The Pimp Every Last Dime 03:58
Featuring – Chocolate
4 K-Luv The Pimp The Eyes Tell Ne Lies 04:05
Featuring – The Delinquents
5 K-Luv The Pimp Superfly 03:13
Featuring – Gonzoe, Richie Rich, Mike D.
6 K-Luv The Pimp Misrepresenting The Game 03:40
7 K-Luv The Pimp Out The Yok 01:19
8 K-Luv The Pimp It’s Nothin’ To A Pimp 04:06
Featuring – Double R
9 K-Luv The Pimp Choosy Susie 00:12
Featuring – K-Luv Jr.
10 Double R Pack Your Bags 04:13
11 K-Luv The Pimp Pa-Pa Pimpin’ 00:27
12 K-Luv The Pimp The Man In Charge 03:04
Featuring – Double R
13 K-Luv The Pimp The Hall Of Fame Of Pimpin’ 00:14
14 K-Luv The Pimp I Got The Solution 04:14
15 K-Luv The Pimp Intro To Hoe Harborer 00:18
16 K-Luv The Pimp Hoe Harborer 04:27
Featuring – Pooh Man, Bart, 00 Sick
17 K-Luv The Pimp Master Of The Game 04:10
Featuring – Air-A-Mist
18 K-Luv The Pimp Mama I Love You 04:56
Featuring – Air-A-Mist
19 K-Luv The Pimp www.k-luvthepimp.com 00:20


“Master of the Game” is the debut studio album by Oakland, California rapper K-Luv The Pimp, released on November 30, 2001 by MTP Records. The album showcases K-Luv’s exceptional skills as a rapper and his affinity for classic gangsta rap, with a unique and distinct Oakland flavor.

Featuring collaborations with prominent West Coast rappers like Too Short, Richie Rich, B-Legit, The Delinquents, Pooh Man, and Bart (of 3X Krazy), this album is filled with hard-hitting beats and memorable hooks that capture the essence of early 2000s hip hop. The project boasts 19 tracks, offering a diverse range of styles, themes, and sounds that exemplify K-Luv’s versatility as an artist.

The album kicks off with the provocative “If You Want To Fuck With Me” featuring Too Short, setting the tone for a project that doesn’t shy away from explicit themes and lyrics. Tracks like “All On A Hoe” (with B-Legit and Richie Rich) and “Every Last Dime” (featuring Chocolate) showcase K-Luv’s storytelling prowess, while “The Eyes Tell No Lies” (with The Delinquents) and “Superfly” (featuring Gonzoe, Mike D, and Richie Rich) dive into street life and hustling.

K-Luv’s confident and charismatic delivery is evident throughout the album, particularly in tracks like “Misrepresenting The Game” and “The Man In Charge.” The project closes on a more introspective note with “Mama I Love You” (featuring Air-A-Mist), displaying K-Luv’s ability to address personal topics with sincerity and emotion.

“Master of the Game” was produced by B-Bumble, Lev, Mike D, and Sonny B, and distributed by City Hall Records. This album is a must-listen for fans of Oakland hip hop and classic gangsta rap, offering a snapshot of K-Luv The Pimp’s undeniable talent and contribution to the genre.



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