Justified – The Caliway


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1 My Life, Your Life 03:32
2 Deep In The Game 02:36
3 Playa Hatin 05:24
4 Tell Me 04:20
5 I Know 03:37
6 I Wanna Rock 04:18
7 Hey Girl Hey Boy 04:13
8 Where They Buddies 02:58
9 What They Want 03:04
10 Nowadays 03:04
11 Can We try 02:36
12 Late Night Talks 03:31
13 Hub City 04:04
14 Bangen For Money 03:19
15 How It’s Supposed To be 03:39


“The Caliway” is the second studio album by Compton, California-based rapper Justified. Released on October 24, 2000, by Deep In The Game Records, this album showcases Justified’s growth as an artist and his continued dedication to the West Coast Hip Hop scene, particularly the Gangsta subgenre.

The 15-track album provides listeners with an authentic representation of life in Compton, infused with classic West Coast vibes. Opening with the reflective “My Life, Your Life,” the album then delves into tracks like “Deep In The Game,” “Playa Hatin,” and “Tell Me,” highlighting Justified’s skills as both a lyricist and storyteller.

“I Know” and “I Wanna Rock” demonstrate Justified’s ability to create catchy hooks, while “Hey Girl Hey Boy” and “Where They Buddies” offer a nod to the more playful side of the Gangsta rap genre. The introspective tracks “Nowadays,” “Can We Try,” and “Late Night Talks” showcase Justified’s versatility, as he explores themes of love, relationships, and personal growth.

“Hub City,” “Bangen For Money,” and “How It’s Supposed To Be” round out the album, solidifying Justified’s place within the West Coast Hip Hop scene and his commitment to representing Compton through his music.

For fans of Gangsta rap and West Coast Hip Hop, “The Caliway” serves as a strong second offering from Justified, cementing his status as a talented and dedicated artist within the genre.



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