Joka – Flow On


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1 Flow On (Radio Mix) 04:41
Featuring – Big Skip, Shabazz, Below 0
2 Kick It To The Curb 04:15
3 Flow On (Club Mix) 06:25
4 Flow On (Street Mix) 05:19


“Flow On” is an exceptionally rare maxi-single by Los Angeles-based rapper Joka, also known as Christopher Brackett or D.C. (Damn Chris). Released in 1993 by Audio Records, the maxi-single features a fusion of Thug Rap and West Coast hip-hop, with Joka’s signature lyrical flow and storytelling.

The maxi-single contains four tracks, including the “Flow On (Radio Mix)” which features fellow rappers Big Skip, Shabazz, and Below 0. The track showcases the talents of these artists, giving the single a distinct and memorable sound. In addition to the radio mix, the maxi-single also includes “Kick It To The Curb,” “Flow On (Club Mix),” and “Flow On (Street Mix),” offering listeners multiple versions of the hit track.

Although Joka’s career was brief, his contributions to the West Coast hip-hop scene are notable. Sadly, Joka passed away in December 2018, but his music, including this rare maxi-single, continues to resonate with fans of the genre.

“Flow On” is an essential listen for those interested in exploring the unique sounds of early 1990s hip-hop. The combination of Joka’s lyrical prowess and the contributions from Big Skip, Shabazz, and Below 0, make this maxi-single a must-have for any dedicated hip-hop collector.



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