Johnny “J” – I Gotta Be Me


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1 Something She Can Feel 04:01
2 Diggin Um Out 03:46
3 I’m A Better Man 03:56
4 Why You Want Me Now? 02:47
5 Get Away From Me 03:56
6 P.O.P. (Got Control Of Me) 03:21
7 Better Off 03:49
8 It’s A Wonderful Day 04:02
9 Shake Dat Ass 03:41
10 Say Watcha Gotta Say 03:16
11 Love’s The Way (Bonus) 04:22


“I Gotta Be Me” is the one and only studio album by the renowned producer Johnny “J” from Los Angeles, California. Released on February 10, 1994, under Shade Tree Records and Solar, this album showcases Johnny “J”‘s versatility as a producer and artist. With a blend of Hip Hop and Funk/Soul genres, the album features G-Funk, Bass Music, Boom Bap, and Gangsta styles.

The album comprises 11 tracks, with Johnny “J” producing, programming, and arranging each song. Some of the standout tracks include “Something She Can Feel,” “Diggin Um Out,” “I’m A Better Man,” and “Shake Dat Ass.” The album boasts a variety of guest appearances, such as (Boe), Capucine Jackson, and Prop ‘a Vee, providing additional vocals and contributions.

Born Johnny Lee Jackson, the producer was raised in South Central, Los Angeles, and became known for his work with the late rapper 2Pac. Tragically, Johnny “J” passed away on October 3, 2008, in the L.A. county jail.

“I Gotta Be Me” is a testament to Johnny “J”‘s talent and impact on the Hip Hop and Funk/Soul scenes of the 1990s. The album’s diverse range of styles and collaborations make it a unique listening experience, highlighting Johnny “J”‘s creative genius.



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