JG MadeUmLook – The Ace


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1 The Ace Intro 01:36
Featuring – Blozart
2 Bring It To Me 03:02
Featuring – James Levelle
3 My Apology 03:41
Featuring – Radio Raheem
4 What You Goin Do 03:35
Featuring – Show Banga, Bloe
5 The Corner Interlude 00:54
Featuring – Zay Beatz
6 Hit Those 03:27
7 Fully Loaded 04:10
Featuring – James Levelle
8 The Life 03:29
Featuring – Radio Raheem, Boshy B, Astro
9 Do What It Do 03:47
Featuring – Radio Raheem, Big Omeezy, James Levelle
10 The Word Interlude 01:54
Featuring – Blozart
11 Bootyfull 02:46
Featuring – Boshy B
12 What She Want 03:20
13 All Night 03:54
Featuring – James Levelle
14 Drop It 02:53
Featuring – D Mac


“The Ace” is a dynamic mixtape by Fairfield, California-based rapper JG MadeUmLook. Released on August 25, 2015, by Knockdownmuzik The Label, the project showcases JG MadeUmLook’s exceptional rap skills and versatility. Throughout the mixtape, he collaborates with various artists, creating an engaging and well-rounded listening experience.

The 14-track project kicks off with “The Ace Intro,” featuring Blozart, followed by “Bring It To Me,” which includes James Levelle. “My Apology,” featuring Radio Raheem, and “What You Goin Do,” with Show Banga and Bloe, are two other standout tracks on the mixtape. Listeners are also treated to an interlude, “The Corner Interlude,” featuring Zay Beatz, which provides a brief break before the mixtape dives back into the music.

Continuing with the mixtape, “Hit Those” and “Fully Loaded” featuring James Levelle showcase JG MadeUmLook’s impressive lyrical prowess. “The Life” brings together Radio Raheem, Boshy B, and Astro for a memorable collaboration, while “Do What It Do” features Radio Raheem, Big Omeezy, and James Levelle.

As the mixtape progresses, listeners encounter “The Word Interlude,” another intermission featuring Blozart. The final tracks, “Bootyfull” with Boshy B, “What She Want,” “All Night” featuring James Levelle, and “Drop It” with D Mac, wrap up the project on a high note.

With a strong lineup of featured artists and versatile tracks, “The Ace” serves as an excellent showcase of JG MadeUmLook’s talents as a rapper and his ability to create a captivating mixtape.



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