Jezreel – Sick And Tired Of Be’en Broke


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1 Intro 01:04
2 Sick And Tired Of Be’en Broke 03:20
3 Let A Brother Come Up 04:02
4 Life As A Hard Head (’95 Remix) 04:08
5 So Many Tears 04:47
6 Thankz 4 Da Fiendz 04:21
7 Make’n Endz 01:57
8 The Camp 04:05
9 Getto Azz Nigga 04:11
10 What The Fuck Is Wrong 03:05
11 Da Gettoz Got Me Guessen 03:54
12 Mi-9 03:28
13 Juveniles 04:07


“Sick And Tired Of Be’en Broke” is the debut studio album by rapper Jezreel from Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Released on July 20, 1995, by Rite-Chus Records, the album showcases Jezreel’s raw talent and unfiltered perspective on life in the streets.

The album opens with an “Intro” featuring vocals by Walt Swift, and continues with tracks such as “Sick And Tired Of Be’en Broke,” “Let A Brother Come Up,” “Life As A Hard Head (’95 Remix),” “So Many Tears,” and “The Camp.” Throughout the album, Jezreel collaborates with several artists, including Donald Black, Marcus Edwards, Xavier J. Madison, Cory Pratcher, Notty Head Niggaz, GP’s, P.O.W., and Pee’ka.

“Sick And Tired Of Be’en Broke” features production by Walt Swift and Walter Sharper, with music contributions from D. Phusion and Henry Stewart. The album was recorded at Swift Mix Studios and features radio cuts edited by Walt Swift.

As Jezreel’s debut offering, “Sick And Tired Of Be’en Broke” captures the essence of mid-90s gangsta rap, reflecting on life in the streets and the struggles faced by those living in poverty. The album remains a powerful representation of the genre and the unique perspective of an artist from the South.



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