Insane & D-Mack – In It For Da Money


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1 Intro 00:39
2 In It For Da Money 06:05
3 No Love 06:32
4 I Ain’t That Niga 05:36
5 Another Day In Life 07:40
6 Dedication 03:54


“In It For Da Money” is a rare and highly sought-after maxi-single by the rap duo Insane & D-Mack from Fresno, California. Released in 1994 by UG Records Co., this mini-album has become a classic among collectors and hip-hop enthusiasts for its distinctive G-Funk and Gangsta style. Featuring six tracks, Insane & D-Mack deliver an authentic West Coast sound that captures the essence of the era.

The maxi-single begins with an “Intro” that sets the stage for the tracks to follow. “In It For Da Money,” the title track, showcases the duo’s dedication to hustling and making money in the competitive rap game. Their smooth flow and catchy hooks blend perfectly with the G-Funk beats that defined the West Coast sound in the 1990s.

“No Love” delves into the harsh realities of street life and the lack of empathy often found in such environments. Insane & D-Mack’s honest lyrics and storytelling make this track a standout on the mini-album.

“I Ain’t That Niga” demonstrates the duo’s confidence and self-assuredness in their abilities, both as rappers and as individuals navigating life’s challenges. “Another Day In Life” takes a more introspective look at the daily struggles and experiences the duo faces, while the closing track, “Dedication,” pays homage to their supporters and influences in the rap game.

“In It For Da Money” offers a snapshot of Insane & D-Mack’s talent and potential during the golden era of West Coast hip-hop. Its rarity and distinctive sound make it a must-have for collectors and fans of the genre.



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