Idaho Jdoe – Streets Of North Oakland Mixtape (Hbmg Presents Idaho Jdoe)


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1 Ain’t No Love 03:07
2 Knockin Bitches 04:20
Featuring – Husalah, Lee Majros
3 Bad Bitch 03:02
Featuring – Vtown Joey
4 F Yo Money 04:08
5 Bounce Out 02:42
Featuring – Budda Bop
6 Ugly In The Ice 03:51
Featuring – Mayhem
7 Glock At 03:59
8 Brown Dog 01:23
9 Never Slippin’ 02:48
Featuring – Budda Bop
10 AK 47 03:28
11 Can I Win 03:21
Featuring – Face Filthy
12 Sliddin’ Through The Traffic 05:47
Featuring – Trunk Boiz, Mayhem
13 E 14 02:44
Featuring – Herzog Pacman
14 Foul Ball 03:44
15 RIP Jacka 02:09
Featuring – Anhomas Brown
16 Last Dayz 02:24


“Streets Of North Oakland Mixtape (Hbmg Presents Idaho Jdoe)” is a captivating project by rapper Idaho Jdoe, showcasing his undeniable talent and unique perspective on life in North Oakland. Released on November 24, 2015, by Snort Dog Records, this mixtape offers a raw, authentic view of Idaho Jdoe’s experiences in the streets, as well as his determination to succeed in the music industry.

The 16-track mixtape features a diverse array of collaborations with fellow artists such as Husalah, Lee Majros, Vtown Joey, Budda Bop, Mayhem, Face Filthy, Trunk Boiz, Herzog Pacman, and Anhomas Brown. These collaborations bring an energetic and dynamic feel to the project, demonstrating Idaho Jdoe’s ability to seamlessly blend his voice with those of other talented artists.

Key tracks on the mixtape include “Ain’t No Love,” “Knockin Bitches,” “Bad Bitch,” “F Yo Money,” “Ugly In The Ice,” “Glock At,” “Can I Win,” “Sliddin’ Through The Traffic,” “E 14,” and “RIP Jacka.” Each of these songs showcases Idaho Jdoe’s skillful storytelling and his ability to create memorable hooks and deliver powerful verses.

Throughout “Streets Of North Oakland Mixtape (Hbmg Presents Idaho Jdoe),” listeners are treated to a genuine representation of life in North Oakland, as well as Idaho Jdoe’s experiences navigating the challenges and opportunities that come with it. His honest lyrics and raw delivery make this mixtape a must-listen for hip-hop fans seeking authenticity in the genre.

Overall, “Streets Of North Oakland Mixtape (Hbmg Presents Idaho Jdoe)” is an engaging and powerful listening experience that highlights Idaho Jdoe’s talent and potential as an emerging force in the hip-hop scene. The mixtape solidifies his status as an artist to watch in the future.



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