Hitters – Mas Trabajo


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1 Fugazi 03:23
Featuring – Chente
2 On The Block 02:14
Featuring – Lil Stocktone
3 One Time 02:42
Featuring – Tony-B
4 P.O.S 02:20
5 So High 02:58
Featuring – Lucci, Tony-B
6 Roundz 05:01
Featuring – B Dawg, Tony-B, Unique
7 Ride Wit Me 02:46
Featuring – Monika, Tony-B
8 Wake Yo Game Up 03:32
Featuring – Tony-B, LV
9 I Just Wanna Feel 02:46
Featuring – Griv
10 N The Hood, Pt. 2 03:10
Featuring – Tony-B, Monika
11 My Click 01:21
12 Follow Suit 03:31
Featuring – Tony-B, Unique
13 Flamed Up 02:13
14 Keep On Hatin 02:41
Featuring – Demon, Wezel
15 Mobbin N Smashin 03:12
Featuring – Bombz, Tony-B, Oleo, Chino


Mas Trabajo is a captivating album by Northern California rap group, Hitters. Released on January 14, 2020, under GT Digital and Varrio Entertainment, the album boasts an impressive roster of features that include Chente, Lil Stocktone, Tony-B, Lucci, B Dawg, Unique, Monika, LV, Griv, Demon, Wezel, Oleo, and Chino. With a total of 15 tracks, Mas Trabajo showcases the group’s diverse range of talents, blending various rap styles and delivering a powerful listening experience.

The album kicks off with “Fugazi,” a track featuring Chente that sets the tone with its hard-hitting beats and potent lyrics. “On The Block” and “One Time” follow, featuring Lil Stocktone and Tony-B, respectively, and offer listeners a taste of the group’s prowess in crafting catchy hooks and engaging flows.

“P.O.S” and “So High,” featuring Lucci and Tony-B, demonstrate the group’s ability to tackle different themes while maintaining their signature style. The album continues with “Roundz,” a collaboration with B Dawg, Tony-B, and Unique, providing an energetic and memorable track.

“Ride Wit Me,” “Wake Yo Game Up,” and “I Just Wanna Feel” showcase the group’s versatility, featuring contributions from Monika, Tony-B, LV, and Griv. “N The Hood, Pt. 2” and “My Click” keep the momentum going with their infectious beats and memorable lyrics.

The album concludes with “Follow Suit,” “Flamed Up,” and “Keep On Hatin,” featuring Demon and Wezel, before closing out with “Mobbin N Smashin,” a collaboration with Bombz, Tony-B, Oleo, and Chino. Mas Trabajo is a powerful project that highlights Hitters’ talent and their ability to create captivating rap music, solidifying their place in the genre.



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