Highway Yella – Never Too Late


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1 Intro 01:19
Featuring – DJ Michael Watts
2 Playaland Forever 02:37
3 Shine 02:36
4 Tired Of Being Slept On 03:13
Featuring – Chalie Boy
5 Highway Vette (Momma) 03:02
6 Puttin’ In That Work 03:20
Featuring – Mike Larry
7 Chase A Check 02:41
8 Hold Up Big Baby 03:21
Featuring – Lil’ Flip
9 Gimme Dat P 03:12
Featuring – T-Kay Barbie
10 4 My Niggaz From Da Hood 03:01
Featuring – Hogg
11 Why Yall Still Hatin’ 03:34
Featuring – Go Yayo, J’tronius
12 Twelve 04:25
Featuring – C. Struggs, Poppa Hussein, Fool Fareal
13 Krazy Bitch 04:12
Featuring – Knowshame
14 U Can Have Her 03:13
Featuring – Cruz Davinci
15 Tired From Fallin’ 04:05
Featuring – Yo Gutta, J’tronius, Trillinger
16 Keep Rollin’ 03:19
Featuring – Highway Bandoe, Doughbeezy
17 Actin’ Up 03:27
Featuring – E.S.G
18 Make It 04:13
Featuring – Chris Kooley
19 Oil Spill 03:21
Featuring – Semaj Krooks
20 I Remember 03:27
Featuring – Trilly Polk
21 Highway Love 03:29
Featuring – Classik Mussik
22 Outro 01:02
23 Swisha House Yella Coming Soon 02:38


“Never Too Late” is an electrifying project by rapper Highway Yella, hailing from Haynesville, Louisiana, and now residing in Houston, Texas. Released on March 1, 2019, by Swisha House and Playaland Entertainment, the album showcases Highway Yella’s dynamic talent and unique style.

Kicking off with an “Intro” featuring DJ Michael Watts, “Never Too Late” is a 23-track journey that takes listeners through the various aspects of Highway Yella’s life and experiences. Tracks like “Playaland Forever” and “Shine” demonstrate his dedication to the rap game and his determination to make a name for himself.

The album features a plethora of collaborations with prominent artists such as Chalie Boy on “Tired Of Being Slept On,” Lil’ Flip on “Hold Up Big Baby,” and T-Kay Barbie on “Gimme Dat P.” Each collaboration adds a different dimension to the project, highlighting Highway Yella’s versatility as an artist.

Songs like “Highway Vette (Momma)” and “I Remember” featuring Trilly Polk showcase a more introspective side to Highway Yella, while tracks like “Puttin’ In That Work” and “Chase A Check” capture his relentless hustle.

“Never Too Late” is a well-rounded project that displays Highway Yella’s growth as an artist, balancing hard-hitting tracks with introspective moments, all while maintaining an infectious energy that keeps listeners engaged from start to finish.



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