Havoc & Prodeje – Servin’ Em Heat: The Most Requested Of Havoc & Prodeje


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1 Everybody Wanna Gangsta 04:10
Featuring – LV
2 Eastsider 05:14
3 G’z On Da Move 03:59
Featuring – LV
4 The Hood Got Me Feelin’ The Pain 04:21
Featuring – Dawn Green
5 Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep 03:45
Featuring – LV
6 Only Lonely Homie 04:31
Featuring – LV
7 That’s The Way It’s Going Down 03:54
Featuring – Droopy, G-Wayne, Rhime Son
8 Get Yo Party On 03:58
9 Goin’ Crazy 04:36
Featuring – Big Prodeje
10 It’z An S.C.C. Thang 04:14
Featuring – Murder Squad, The Chi-Lites
11 Eastsider (Instrumental) 05:09


“Servin’ Em Heat: The Most Requested Of Havoc & Prodeje” is a compilation album by the rap group Havoc & Prodeje from Los Angeles, California. Released on March 24, 2009, by Loctown / Hood Good Records, this collection features some of the duo’s most iconic tracks that showcase their unique West Coast gangsta rap style.

The 11-track compilation includes collaborations with notable artists such as LV, Dawn Green, Droopy, G-Wayne, Rhime Son, Big Prodeje, Murder Squad, and The Chi-Lites. The album opens with “Everybody Wanna Gangsta,” featuring LV, and sets the tone with its powerful beats and raw lyrics. Other standout tracks include “Eastsider,” a celebration of the duo’s roots, and “G’z On Da Move,” another collaboration with LV that showcases their undeniable chemistry.

“The Hood Got Me Feelin’ The Pain,” featuring Dawn Green, offers a more introspective look into the struggles faced by those living in rough neighborhoods, while “Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep” and “Only Lonely Homie” demonstrate the group’s ability to explore deeper, more emotional themes.

With tracks like “That’s The Way It’s Going Down,” “Get Yo Party On,” and “Goin’ Crazy,” the compilation keeps the energy high and offers a variety of sounds that cater to different hip-hop tastes. The album concludes with “It’z An S.C.C. Thang,” a collaboration with Murder Squad and The Chi-Lites that pays tribute to their roots in South Central Cartel.

Overall, “Servin’ Em Heat: The Most Requested Of Havoc & Prodeje” is a must-have compilation for fans of the duo and West Coast gangsta rap, showcasing their undeniable talent and memorable tracks that have left a lasting impact on the genre.



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