Hard Head – Notorious


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1 West Coast Party Don’t Stop 04:25
2 Lit Me Up 03:53
3 We Ain’t Got No Fear In Us 04:54
4 Notorious 03:46
5 Ride For The Money 03:49


“Notorious” is a captivating EP by Los Angeles-based rapper Hard Head, released on April 20, 2016, under the Urban Stone Music Group label. This project highlights Hard Head’s talent as a versatile lyricist and showcases his unique style, which resonates with the West Coast hip-hop scene.

The EP consists of five powerful tracks that highlight Hard Head’s skills in storytelling and his ability to create memorable hooks. With its catchy beats and engaging lyrics, “Notorious” is a compelling collection of songs that reflect the rapper’s distinctive style and passion for his craft.

The opening track, “West Coast Party Don’t Stop,” sets the tone for the EP with its infectious beat and anthemic chorus that pays homage to the West Coast party scene. “Lit Me Up” follows with a smooth, laid-back vibe that showcases Hard Head’s ability to switch between different styles seamlessly.

“We Ain’t Got No Fear In Us” is a powerful track that conveys Hard Head’s fearless attitude and determination. The title track, “Notorious,” is a standout song that displays the rapper’s lyrical prowess and confident delivery. The EP concludes with “Ride For The Money,” a catchy tune that encapsulates Hard Head’s ambition and dedication to success.

Overall, “Notorious” is a well-rounded EP that showcases Hard Head’s talent and versatility as a rapper. With its memorable hooks, engaging lyrics, and captivating beats, this project is a must-listen for fans of West Coast hip-hop and those who appreciate authentic storytelling in rap music.



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