Goldie – Oakland Streets / I’m Gonna Be Alright


Downloads are available as MP3-320 files.



1 Oakland Streets 05:16
2 Oakland Streets (Radio) 04:28
3 I’m Gonna Be Alright 06:07
4 I’m Gonna Be Alright (Short) 04:51


“Oakland Streets / I’m Gonna Be Alright” is an extremely rare maxi-single release by rapper Goldie, hailing from Oakland, California. Released in 1992 under the Family Man Records label, this project features two tracks, “Oakland Streets” and “I’m Gonna Be Alright,” along with their respective radio and short versions. This limited-release maxi-single is highly sought after by fans and collectors due to its rarity and the early glimpse it offers into Goldie’s burgeoning career.

The lead track, “Oakland Streets,” showcases Goldie’s storytelling abilities, painting a vivid picture of the streets of Oakland and the experiences that shaped him as an artist. The song captures the essence of the city and its impact on the rapper’s life and music. With a runtime of 5:16, “Oakland Streets” is followed by a shorter radio version, clocking in at 4:28, making it more accessible for airplay.

“I’m Gonna Be Alright” is the second track on the maxi-single, offering an introspective and optimistic outlook despite the challenges faced by Goldie. The song demonstrates the rapper’s ability to convey a powerful message of resilience and determination through his lyrics. The maxi-single includes both the full-length version, with a runtime of 6:07, and a shorter version, lasting 4:51.

“Oakland Streets / I’m Gonna Be Alright” serves as an important piece of Goldie’s discography, showcasing his unique style and talent in the early stages of his career. As an extremely rare release, the maxi-single remains a prized possession for fans and collectors, providing a glimpse into the beginnings of the rapper’s journey in the hip-hop scene.


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