Go Getta Da PaperBoi – Tha Re-Up Mixtape


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1 Fuck You Pay Me 02:35
Featuring – Smokes
2 Real Recognize Real 03:28
Featuring – Smokes
3 It’s The Turnt Up Session 02:03
4 Network 04:19
5 Nobody (Remix) 04:22
Featuring – Duffle6bagg
6 Real One 03:55
7 That’ll Get You Body 01:41
8 Who’s Bad 03:49


“Tha Re-Up Mixtape” is a dynamic project by Fairfield, California-based rapper Go Getta Da PaperBoi, released on January 24, 2017, under Wit-Tha-Movement Ent. The mixtape features eight electrifying tracks that perfectly blend Go Getta Da PaperBoi’s raw lyricism with infectious beats, and guest appearances by Smokes and Duffle6bagg.

The mixtape kicks off with “Fuck You Pay Me,” featuring Smokes, setting the tone with its high-energy production and relentless attitude. “Real Recognize Real” follows, with Smokes once again lending his talents to create a powerful anthem about loyalty and authenticity.

“It’s The Turnt Up Session” keeps the energy going with its catchy hook and pulsating beat, while “Network” delves into the importance of establishing connections and building a strong support system in the music industry.

“Nobody (Remix)” features Duffle6bagg, adding a fresh spin to the introspective track that explores Go Getta Da PaperBoi’s journey and experiences. “Real One” is a heartfelt tribute to those who have stayed true and loyal throughout the years.

“That’ll Get You Body” showcases Go Getta Da PaperBoi’s sharp lyricism and ability to create a captivating narrative, and the mixtape closes with “Who’s Bad,” a bold statement that solidifies the rapper’s confidence and skill in the hip-hop game.

“Tha Re-Up Mixtape” is a testament to Go Getta Da PaperBoi’s unwavering dedication to his craft and his ability to deliver high-quality, engaging hip-hop music.



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