Ganxsta Rid & The Otha Side – Occupation Hazardous


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1 If I Die, Let Me Roll 04:26
2 Karson Maks U Bounce 03:53
3 RID Is Coming 04:26
4 Chilling On The Westside 04:01
5 G’s From The Otha Side 05:02
6 Operation Green Light 04:56
7 One Life, Last Breath 04:24
8 Born May 1st 04:27
9 Tell’m Who Sent Yo Ass! 04:27
10 Happy Feeling 04:22
11 Occupation Hazardous 04:24
12 Once Upon A Mossberg 04:48


“Occupation Hazardous” is a studio album by rap group Ganxsta Rid & The Otha Side, hailing from Carson, California. Released in 1995 by Bullet Proof Records, this album showcases the group’s distinctive style and talent in the hip-hop genre. The album was marketed and distributed by Intercord Record Service, and it was licensed to Intercord Record Service as well.

Featuring 12 tracks, “Occupation Hazardous” takes listeners on a journey through the group’s experiences and stories. The album opens with “Intro / If I Die, Let Me Roll,” setting the tone for the rest of the record. Other notable tracks include “Karson Maks U Bounce,” “RID Is Coming (Extended Mix),” “Chilling On The Westside,” and the titular track “Occupation Hazardous.”

Executive produced by Samoan Godfather and produced by Monsta “O”, this album is filled with hard-hitting beats and memorable lyrics. The group’s dedication to their craft and passion for creating powerful music is evident throughout the entire album.

“Occupation Hazardous” highlights the talents of Ganxsta Rid, whose real name is Paul Devoux. Born in 1968, Devoux sadly passed away in 2020 at the age of 52. Known for his various aliases, including Riddler D, Ganxsta Rid played an essential role in the creation of this album and the group’s overall success.

With its captivating beats and thought-provoking lyrics, “Occupation Hazardous” serves as a testament to Ganxsta Rid & The Otha Side’s unique contributions to the hip-hop genre in the mid-90s.



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