G Perico – Tha Innerprize Two


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1 Know My Name 03:03
2 Don’t Play Dumb 02:34
3 Chuccie Freeze 02:51
4 G Sh*t 03:41
Featuring – Cap Migo
5 Ain’t Got Time 03:16
6 Never Slippin 02:55
7 Money And My B*tches 04:06
Featuring – Dubb
8 Workin All Day 03:59
9 Livin’ Once 03:38
Featuring – Lil In
10 Dream About It 02:22
11 The Wire 02:56
Featuring – Jabba
12 B.L.P 03:14
13 Still Bustin 02:43
14 Tha Truth 04:33
15 Invitation Only 04:25


“Tha Innerprize Two” is a vibrant mixtape by Los Angeles rapper G Perico, showcasing his distinct style and lyrical prowess. Released on March 30, 2015, under the Sowayout label, this project features a lineup of talented artists, including Cap Migo, Dubb, Lil In, and Jabba. The mixtape highlights G Perico’s ability to blend storytelling with captivating beats, creating an immersive listening experience for fans of the genre.

The 15-track mixtape offers a diverse array of tracks that demonstrate G Perico’s versatility as an artist. Kicking off with “Know My Name,” the mixtape includes tracks like “Don’t Play Dumb,” “Chuccie Freeze,” “G Sht,” featuring Cap Migo, “Ain’t Got Time,” “Never Slippin,” “Money And My Btches,” featuring Dubb, “Workin All Day,” “Livin’ Once,” featuring Lil In, “Dream About It,” “The Wire,” featuring Jabba, “B.L.P,” “Still Bustin,” “Tha Truth,” and “Invitation Only.”

“Tha Innerprize Two” captures the essence of G Perico’s unique style and voice, drawing on his life experiences and insights to create a mixtape that resonates with fans of hip-hop. This project serves as a testament to G Perico’s growth as an artist and his dedication to crafting authentic, engaging music.



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