G. Battles – No Town 4 Trick Ass Squares


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1 Blu Collar 04:18
Featuring – A1
2 Red Light 03:40
Featuring – Nina Milli Mack
3 In This World 03:00
4 Fuck Your Money 03:06
5 Fully Loaded Clip 03:29
Featuring – K Star
6 Villan Life 03:11
7 West Coast Game 04:14
8 Power Outage 04:01
Featuring – A1
9 Catch Flight 02:14
10 You Got It 04:11
11 Fuckin’ You Right 04:17
12 On Tha Run 04:16
Featuring – Brandi Kane, Michelob, Chizzle, J. Outlaw, K-Toe
13 Don Jose: The Message 00:20
14 Gone 03:22
15 Gangstaz Paradise 04:28
Featuring – Mac Lucci
16 It Was Written 03:11


“No Town 4 Trick Ass Squares” is a compelling project by Oakland rapper G. Battles, released on August 13, 2014, through Blak Hart Music. This album showcases G. Battles’ versatility and powerful lyricism, offering a glimpse into the West Coast hip-hop scene’s richness and diversity. With 16 tracks spanning various themes and featuring multiple talented artists, “No Town 4 Trick Ass Squares” solidifies G. Battles’ position as a force to be reckoned with in the rap game.

The album kicks off with “Blu Collar,” featuring A1, setting the tone with its energetic beat and catchy hook. As the album progresses, G. Battles takes listeners on a journey through the highs and lows of street life, relationships, and personal struggles. Tracks like “Red Light” featuring Nina Milli Mack and “Fully Loaded Clip” featuring K Star offer hard-hitting verses and memorable collaborations.

“Villan Life” and “West Coast Game” showcase G. Battles’ storytelling abilities and pay homage to the West Coast’s unique sound and culture. “Power Outage” and “Catch Flight” display G. Battles’ lyrical prowess, while songs like “You Got It” and “Fuckin’ You Right” explore themes of love and intimacy.

The album features a powerful collaboration on “On Tha Run,” which includes Brandi Kane, Michelob, Chizzle, J. Outlaw, and K-Toe, creating a dynamic track that highlights each artist’s distinct style. “Gangstaz Paradise” featuring Mac Lucci serves as another standout moment on the album, with its captivating beat and memorable verses.

Throughout “No Town 4 Trick Ass Squares,” G. Battles delivers a project that is both engaging and thought-provoking, offering listeners a window into the life and experiences of an Oakland rapper navigating the complexities of the urban landscape.



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