Frost – The Best Of Frost: The Remix Album


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1 Intro 00:21
2 Eastside Rondevouz 04:04
Featuring – OG Playboy, Royal T
3 La Raza 03:58
4 Family Affair 03:48
5 Thin Line 03:57
6 L.P.G. Radio Show 05:15
7 No Sunshine 04:10
8 City Of Angels 04:14
Featuring – Scoop
9 Soy Mexicanos 03:31
Featuring – Mr. Sancho, Royal T
10 I’m On My Way Girl 03:55
Featuring – Mr. Sancho, Silencer
11 Girl Like You 04:00
Featuring – Bullet Nasty, Lil Bandit, Royal T
12 Everywhere I Go 03:46
13 All Around The World 04:43
Featuring – Bullet Nasty, Greedy Loco, Lil Bandit, Mr. Sancho, Payaso, Royal T
14 Mary Jane 03:38
Featuring – Mr. Sancho, Ms. Sancha
15 We Put It Down For The West Coast 03:35
Featuring – West Coast Criminals
16 02:26


The Best Of Frost: The Remix Album is a compilation album by Los Angeles-based rapper Frost, released on October 31, 2006, by Aries Music Entertainment Inc. and Low Profile Records. This mixed compilation showcases Frost’s signature gangsta rap and G-Funk styles, featuring 16 tracks, including remixes of his classic hits and collaborations with a variety of artists such as OG Playboy, Royal T, Scoop, Mr. Sancho, Silencer, Bullet Nasty, Lil Bandit, Greedy Loco, Payaso, Ms. Sancha, and West Coast Criminals.

The album kicks off with a brief intro, followed by “Eastside Rondevouz,” featuring OG Playboy and Royal T, with Fingazz on the talkbox. Frost’s iconic “La Raza” gets a fresh remix with Fingazz once again on the talkbox, adding a new dimension to this classic track.

Tracks like “Family Affair” featuring vocals by Mr. Sancho and “Thin Line” with Fingazz on the talkbox continue to showcase Frost’s versatility and ability to collaborate with other artists. “L.P.G. Radio Show” and “No Sunshine” offer a different side of Frost’s music, while “City of Angels” featuring Scoop highlights his love for Los Angeles.

“Soy Mexicanos” featuring Mr. Sancho and Royal T, and “I’m On My Way Girl” featuring Mr. Sancho and Silencer, emphasize Frost’s connection to his Mexican-American heritage. Collaborations like “Girl Like You” and “All Around The World” showcase the talents of multiple artists, including Bullet Nasty, Lil Bandit, Greedy Loco, and more.

The compilation concludes with “Mary Jane,” featuring Mr. Sancho and Ms. Sancha, and “We Put It Down For The West Coast,” featuring West Coast Criminals, solidifying Frost’s dedication to the West Coast hip-hop scene.



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