Frost – That Was Then, This Is Now Vol. II


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1 Life Of A G 03:35
2 Click Bang 04:02
Featuring – Frank V.
3 Six Million Ways To Die 05:08
Featuring – Clika One
4 Club Thugs 04:51
Featuring – Bago Loco, Danny Boy, P-Dogg
5 West Coast Lowrider 04:02
6 Thug Shit 04:18
Featuring – Bad Boy, Jay Tee, Lil One, Rasheed, SPM
7 Ice Cold 04:23
8 One Shot 04:10
9 That’s All A Gangster Needs 03:17
Featuring – Clika One
10 Promise 04:26
11 Celeb Ent 04:10
Featuring – Nino B, Slow Pain
12 Choo Choo Train 03:32
Featuring – Angel, Baby Bash, Mad One
13 What These G’s Is Cookin’ 03:40
14 Speak On You 04:58
Featuring – Baby Beesh, Nino B
15 Outro 00:34


That Was Then, This Is Now Vol. II, the sixth studio album by Los Angeles-based rapper Frost, was released on September 26, 2000, by Celeb Entertainment Inc. The album showcases Frost’s talent in the hip-hop genre, featuring collaborations with a range of artists such as Frank V., Clika One, Bago Loco, Danny Boy, P-Dogg, Bad Boy, Jay Tee, Lil One, Rasheed, SPM, Nino B, Slow Pain, Angel, Baby Bash, and Mad One.

The 15-track album starts with “Life Of A G,” setting the tone for the rest of the album. “Click Bang,” featuring Frank V., demonstrates Frost’s ability to collaborate with other artists and create dynamic tracks. “Six Million Ways To Die,” featuring Clika One, adds another dimension to the album with its catchy hook and powerful lyrics.

“Club Thugs,” featuring Bago Loco, Danny Boy, and P-Dogg, brings the party vibe to the album, while “West Coast Lowrider” pays homage to the West Coast hip-hop scene. “Thug Shit,” featuring Bad Boy, Jay Tee, Lil One, Rasheed, and SPM, showcases the talents of multiple artists, creating a unique listening experience.

“Ice Cold” and “One Shot” maintain the high energy of the album, followed by “That’s All A Gangster Needs,” another collaboration with Clika One. “Promise” delivers an introspective and heartfelt track, while “Celeb Ent,” featuring Nino B and Slow Pain, highlights the label’s roster of talent.

“Choo Choo Train,” featuring Angel, Baby Bash, and Mad One, adds a playful element to the album. The album concludes with “What These G’s Is Cookin’,” and “Speak On You,” featuring Baby Beesh and Nino B, before wrapping up with a short outro.



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