Frost – Blunts N Ballerz


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1 Got Bud 03:52
2 Promise Me 04:25
3 All Nighters 03:35
4 Frost Angeles 03:27
5 Hustlers & Ballerz 04:10
6 West Coast Lowrider 04:01
7 Anything You Want 03:43
8 Bump Dat Ass 05:12
9 Dog U Out 04:53
10 Six Million Ways To Die 05:07
11 Muevelo 03:20
12 Slow Down 04:35
13 Se Movia 03:21
14 This Is For The Homies 04:00


Blunts N Ballerz is a compilation album by Los Angeles-based rapper Frost, released on January 30, 2007, by Thump Records. The album showcases Frost’s distinctive style, blending gangsta rap and G-Funk elements to create a unique sound that has resonated with fans for decades. This 14-track compilation features collaborations with other prominent artists in the hip-hop scene, such as Nino B, Cisco, Mr. Gee, Weeto, Slow Pain, Clicka One, and more.

The album kicks off with “Got Bud,” a track that sets the tone for the rest of the compilation, featuring Nino B, Cisco, and Mr. Gee alongside Frost. The album continues with “Promise Me,” a solo track by Frost that highlights his lyrical skills.

“All Nighters” by Latino Velvet and “Frost Angeles” featuring Weeto and Cheyenne maintain the energy and showcase Frost’s ability to collaborate with various artists. Tracks like “Hustlers & Ballerz” with Slow Pain and Mr. Gee, and “West Coast Lowrider” with Clicka One exhibit Frost’s dedication to representing the West Coast hip-hop scene.

Other standout tracks include “Anything You Want” with Weeto, “Bump Dat Ass” featuring ALT, Slow Pain, JV, and Rocky Padilla, and “Six Million Ways To Die” with Clicka One. The album also features Spanish language tracks like “Muevelo” and “Se Movia,” emphasizing Frost’s connection to his Mexican American heritage.

Closing with “This Is For The Homies,” Blunts N Ballerz is a testament to Frost’s long-lasting impact on the hip-hop scene and his ability to create music that resonates with fans of all backgrounds.



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