Flexx G – When Reality Strikes


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1 Dedication 00:53
2 Are U Ready (A Whole Lot Of Gangstas Die) 04:05
Featuring – Ahmad, Alkatraz
3 Fading Away 04:02
Featuring – K-Dub, Senoj, Alkatraz
4 Keep It Hot 03:26
5 Creep Creep 03:25
Featuring – Dictator, Non-Ficton
6 Phone Call 03:42
Featuring – Eclipse, Redzone
7 Give Me What You Got 04:04
8 Here’s What They Think About You 03:39
Featuring – Alkatraz, Jaboo
9 Why You Wanna Hate Me 04:13
10 Death Row 01:21
11 Eyes Of A Gangster 04:04
Featuring – Non-Ficton
12 Whole Lotta Gangstas – Part II 03:48
Featuring – Alaktraz, Kurupt
13 You Better Ask Somebody 00:17


“When Reality Strikes” is the debut studio album by Los Angeles-based rapper Flexx G, released on August 3, 1999, under Shanty Town Records. The album features a G-Funk hip-hop style and includes collaborations with notable artists such as Ahmad, Alkatraz, K-Dub, Senoj, Dictator, Non-Fiction, Eclipse, Redzone, Jaboo, and Kurupt.

This 15-track album showcases Flexx G’s lyrical abilities and unique G-Funk sound, starting with the opening track “Dedication,” which sets the stage for the rest of the album. Tracks like “Are U Ready (A Whole Lot of Gangstas Die),” featuring Ahmad and Alkatraz, and “Fading Away,” featuring K-Dub and Senoj, highlight the rapper’s storytelling skills, bringing to life the experiences and emotions of life in the streets.

Other standout tracks include “Keep It Hot” and “Creep Creep,” which showcase Flexx G’s ability to craft catchy hooks and deliver smooth verses. “Phone Call,” featuring Eclipse and Redzone, and “Give Me What You Got” are examples of the album’s infectious beats and memorable lyrics.

The album also features “Whole Lotta Gangstas – Part II,” a collaboration with Kurupt, which demonstrates Flexx G’s ability to hold his own alongside renowned artists. The closing track, “Outro,” brings the album to a fitting conclusion with a reflective tone.

“When Reality Strikes” is a compelling debut that offers listeners a raw and authentic glimpse into Flexx G’s life and experiences. With its engaging storytelling and memorable G-Funk sound, this album is a must-listen for fans of classic West Coast hip-hop.



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