Flawless – Welcome To The Flatlands


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1 Intro 1 Airplane Scene 00:52
2 Intro 2 The Real Shit 01:31
3 CO’Ps, HO’s + CASH (Album Version) 04:36
4 You Fuckes It Up For Yourself 04:20
5 Welcome To The Flatlands 05:06
6 J.B’s Quote 01:17
7 Puttin It Down 04:54
8 City Of Dope 06:28
9 CO’Ps, HO’s + CASH (Radio Version) 04:25
10 Make Sure It’s The Shit 05:13
Featuring – Bone-Sway, D.A.
11 Dedications 01:40


“Welcome To The Flatlands” is the only release by rap group Flawless, hailing from Oakland, California. Released in 1998 by Baugh Entertainment, this album showcases the group’s unique G-Funk style, drawing inspiration from their Oakland roots.

The album starts with “Intro 1 Airplane Scene,” a brief cinematic opening, followed by “Intro 2 The Real Shit,” which sets the tone for the entire project. “CO’Ps, HO’s + CASH (Album Version)” delves into the group’s perspective on life in Oakland, covering themes like authority, street life, and the pursuit of money.

“You Fuckes It Up For Yourself” emphasizes the consequences of one’s actions, while the title track, “Welcome To The Flatlands,” serves as a tribute to the group’s hometown and an exploration of its gritty reality. “J.B’s Quote” provides a brief interlude before the album continues with “Puttin It Down,” showcasing Flawless’ lyrical prowess and storytelling abilities.

“City Of Dope” offers a vivid depiction of Oakland’s drug scene, while “CO’Ps, HO’s + CASH (Radio Version)” presents a radio-friendly take on the earlier track. “Make Sure It’s The Shit,” featuring Bone-Sway and D.A., adds variety to the album with guest appearances and a catchy hook. The album concludes with “Dedications,” a heartfelt tribute to those who have influenced and supported Flawless.

Throughout “Welcome To The Flatlands,” Flawless demonstrates their talent and dedication to their craft. With bass by Aaron Baugh and executive production by Aaron Baugh, Jason Baugh, and Jason Lozano, the album delivers an authentic representation of Oakland’s G-Funk scene in the late ’90s.



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