Felony – Trust No Man


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1 Gangsta Shit 03:44
2 Street Knowledge 03:32
3 Call It What You Want 03:59
4 Much Game 04:52
5 Illusions Of The Mind 05:46
6 Trust No Man 04:07
7 Class “A” Felons 03:56
8 Step Into My Circle 04:31
9 Tonights The Night 05:07
10 Sandman 04:07
11 Bring The Beat Back 03:38
12 Problem Child 04:23
13 Shouts 03:03


“Trust No Man” is an extremely rare release by the rap group Felony, hailing from Merced, California. Released in 1995 by Panic Switch Records, this album was made available exclusively on cassette tape, adding to its rarity and appeal among collectors. With 13 tracks showcasing the group’s talent in the gangsta rap genre, “Trust No Man” is a hidden gem for fans of authentic and raw hip-hop.

The album kicks off with “Gangsta Shit,” a track that sets the tone for the rest of the project with its heavy beats and unapologetic lyrics. “Street Knowledge” continues the narrative with a strong focus on the life lessons learned on the streets of Merced. In “Call it What You Want,” Felony demonstrates their lyrical prowess and unique style.

“Much Game” offers a slower tempo, allowing the group’s storytelling abilities to shine, while “Illusions of the Mind” delves into the deeper aspects of street life and the challenges faced. The title track, “Trust No Man,” produced by Mad Sam, serves as a powerful reminder of the importance of self-reliance and caution in the face of adversity.

“Class ‘A’ Felons” and “Step Into My Circle” further emphasize Felony’s commitment to the gangsta rap genre, showcasing their raw talent and captivating storytelling. “Tonight’s The Night,” produced by J Best, offers a refreshing change of pace with its smooth beat and introspective lyrics.

“Sandman” keeps the momentum going, followed by “Bring The Beat Back,” which features additional performances and writing by Animal and Young Droop. “Problem Child” adds another layer of depth to the album’s narrative, exploring the struggles of growing up in a challenging environment. The album concludes with “Shouts,” a track that pays homage to those who have supported and influenced Felony throughout their journey.

“Trust No Man” was produced for Night Train Productions and Way Deep Productions, with copyrights held by both companies. The album was recorded at Double D Studios and Sound Chamber Studio, with engineering by Stu Gibson. Severino Rangel served as the executive producer, while Trey, Dave (Mad. D) Rueda, and Samuel (Sandman) Rangel contributed as performers and writers. Trey also took on the role of producer, with J.C. Rock handling the scratches and mixing.


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