Fe Tha Don – Consuela (The Drain Effect)


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1 Consuela 03:03
2 Bobby Johnson (Black Boy) 03:59
3 Stylin On Em 03:29
4 Program 03:21
5 The Reason 02:41
6 Chicken Run 02:28
Featuring – HD, Amir H
7 Fast-N-Free 02:27
8 Like Me 03:04
9 Off The X 02:41
10 Flashback 03:14
11 You Kno What It Iz 02:59
12 Lighters Up 03:42
13 The Life 01:58
14 Sneak Dissin 03:30
Featuring – G-Dirty
15 For Me 03:29
Featuring – G-Dirty, Sinatra
16 French Fries 02:53


“Consuela (The Drain Effect)” is a dynamic mixtape project by the talented rapper Fe Tha Don, hailing from Oakland, California. Released on July 24, 2015, by MTE Digital, this mixtape showcases Fe Tha Don’s diverse range and skill in hip-hop, offering listeners an engaging and memorable experience.

The mixtape starts off strong with “Consuela,” setting the tone for the entire project. “Bobby Johnson (Black Boy)” and “Stylin On Em” follow, demonstrating Fe Tha Don’s ability to deliver catchy hooks and powerful verses. “Program” and “The Reason” offer introspective and thought-provoking lyrics, while “Chicken Run,” featuring HD and Amir H, brings an infectious energy to the mixtape.

“Fast-N-Free” and “Like Me” keep the momentum going with their catchy beats and memorable lyrics. “Off The X” and “Flashback” dive deeper into Fe Tha Don’s storytelling abilities, while “You Kno What It Iz” and “Lighters Up” offer listeners a chance to vibe and reflect.

“The Life” serves as a short but impactful track, leading into “Sneak Dissin,” featuring G-Dirty, which showcases the rapper’s ability to collaborate and create compelling verses. “For Me,” featuring G-Dirty and Sinatra, adds another layer of depth to the mixtape, and “French Fries” wraps up the project on a high note.

Overall, “Consuela (The Drain Effect)” is a testament to Fe Tha Don’s talent and versatility as an artist, offering fans a captivating listening experience that showcases his unique voice in the world of hip-hop.



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