EV – I Don’t Need Love


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1 Because 03:51
2 Let The Beat Flip 04:35
3 Cant Be Found 03:02
Featuring – Rakaa
4 Lines Of Cocaine 03:09
5 The World 03:33
Featuring – Oh No
6 Frame Of Mind 03:53
7 Egg Men (StepBrothers) 03:12
8 If They Only Knew 03:57
9 Think’n Bout Thinking / Pay Off My Debts 09:28
Featuring – Fashawn / Dirt Nasty


“I Don’t Need Love” is a self-released EP by Los Angeles rapper EV (Evidence), launched on December 10, 2010. This 9-track project showcases Evidence’s prowess as a hip-hop artist and producer, with features from notable artists such as Rakaa, Oh No, Fashawn, and Dirt Nasty.

The EP kicks off with “Because,” setting the tone with its captivating beats and introspective lyrics. “Let The Beat Flip” follows, demonstrating Evidence’s ability to create a smooth flow and intricate rhymes. On “Cant Be Found,” Evidence teams up with Rakaa, delivering an engaging track that highlights their chemistry as collaborators.

“Lines of Cocaine” continues the EP’s introspective vibe, while “The World,” featuring Oh No, showcases Evidence’s knack for storytelling and creating vivid imagery. “Frame of Mind” delves deeper into the rapper’s thoughts and experiences, with a reflective and introspective tone.

“Egg Men (StepBrothers)” brings a fresh energy to the EP, and “If They Only Knew” serves as a testament to Evidence’s skillful wordplay and lyricism. The final track, “Think’n Bout Thinking,” features Fashawn and includes a hidden track, “Pay Off My Debts,” with Dirt Nasty, starting at 5:39.

“I Don’t Need Love” is a compelling EP that highlights Evidence’s talents as both a rapper and producer. With its introspective themes, captivating beats, and collaborations with respected artists, this release is a must-listen for fans of Evidence and hip-hop enthusiasts alike.



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