El-Dog – Takin Over Things


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1 Keep On Truckin 03:47
2 Make You Happy 04:41
3 Pimp Thing 02:54
4 El-Of-A-Night (Part 1) 04:06
5 Many Styles (Part 1) 03:19
6 Takin Over 04:15
7 Lady’s Man 04:22
8 Many Styles (Part 2) 03:59
9 El-Of-A-Night (Part 2) 04:01


“Takin Over Things” is an EP by Oakland, California rapper El-Dog, who is also known as Eldridge Travis. This release hit the shelves on May 16, 1992, under Teich Records and was exclusively available on cassette tape. The EP features a mixture of gangsta hip-hop with a touch of El-Dog’s unique style, showcasing his skills as a lyricist and performer.

The EP contains nine tracks that highlight El-Dog’s versatility and creativity as an artist. Side A features “Keep On Truckin” (3:45), “Make You Happy” (4:33), “Pimp Thing” (2:53), “El-Of-A-Night (Part 1)” (4:00), and “Many Styles (Part 1)” (3:15). Side B includes “Takin Over” (4:12), which features a collaboration with fellow rapper Dangerous Dame, “Lady’s Man” (4:16), “Many Styles (Part 2)” (3:57), and “El-Of-A-Night (Part 2)” (3:56).

The EP’s production was handled by Steed Bracey, who worked closely with El-Dog to create a unique and memorable sound. Eldrich Travis is credited with writing the songs, and the backing vocals were provided by Ladeana Lemons and Sharneese Edwards. The EP was engineered by DRACC and mixed down at Teich Sound Lab.

The artwork and photography for “Takin Over Things” were contributed by Leon Greene and Carla Mathias, adding a visual component to the overall presentation of the EP. The executive producer for this release is the Travis Family, and all songs were published by Omicron Teich Muzick.

As El-Dog, Eldridge Travis showcases his undeniable talent and dedication to the craft of hip-hop. His other aliases include El, Mr. El, and his real name, Eldridge Travis.


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