Eddi Projex – Oakland Street Music Vol#1


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1 Intro (Skit) 01:24
2 Come See Us 04:02
3 Dummy 03:53
4 Callin’ 03:42
Featuring – Harm
5 Block Ni#?a 05:25
Featuring – G-Stack, Polo, T-Luni
6 Nikes Laced Up 03:37
Featuring – Curcinado, Fletchberg
7 At The Light 03:36
Featuring – Nephew
8 Oakland 04:18
Featuring – Nate
9 Groupie Ass Bi?!# 04:16
Featuring – D-Loc
10 Sav Ni#?a 03:43
Featuring – Lil J
11 Lay Down 04:00
Featuring – F.A.B., Sean T
12 Holla At Ya Boy 03:24
Featuring – Stevie Joe
13 Thuggin’ It 04:57
14 It Was Me 04:31
Featuring – Gator Boots
15 Aim Up 03:15
Featuring – Emakulant
16 For The G’s 03:56
Featuring – FM Blue, Numskull
17 Payroll & Thizz 04:28
Featuring – Hittaz On Tha Payroll, Mac Dre
18 Drank-A-Lot 04:12
Featuring – Numskull, Money B


“Oakland Street Music Vol#1” is a compilation album by rapper Eddi Projex, who hails from East Oakland, California. This project showcases Eddi’s versatility as an artist, blending crafty hip-hop tunes with Cadillac classics and poetic gangsta rap. The album was released in 2005 under Hitta Records, featuring collaborations with several well-known artists.

The compilation consists of 18 tracks that highlight Eddi Projex’s talent and his connections within the hip-hop community. Some of the featured artists on the album include Harm, G-Stack, Polo, T-Luni, Curcinado, Fletchberg, Nephew, Nate, D-Loc, Lil J, F.A.B., Sean T, Stevie Joe, Gator Boots, Emakulant, FM Blue, Numskull, Hittaz On Tha Payroll, Mac Dre, and Money B.

Eddi Projex’s background includes a five-year run from authorities, during which he linked up with prominent rappers like Numbskull (of The Luniz) and Money B (of Digital Underground), both of whom helped develop his rap style. Eddi has also worked as an official hype man for several tours featuring Digital Underground and The Luniz.

Prior to the release of “Oakland Street Music Vol#1,” Eddi Projex formed the group Hittaz On Tha Payroll, which released two group albums: “Underground Like Dead People Part 1” (2001) and “Ghetto Storm” (2003). Eddi Projex’s solo album, “Eddi Projex Presents: Oakland Street Music Vol. 1,” features a range of artists such as Mac Dre, D-Loc of 415, Mr. F.A.B, Hittaz On Tha Payroll, Sav Lil Homiez, FM Blue, G-Stack of the Delinquents, Numskull, and Money-B.

Aliases for Eddi Projex include Eddy P, and he is a member of the group Hittaz On Tha Payroll. Some variations of his name include Eddie Projex, Eddie P, Eddie P., and Eddie Projects.



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