Dru Down, Lee Majors & Rahmean – Crack Muzic Vol. 1


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1 Dru Down Mafia Intro 01:31
2 Dru Down, Lee Majors, Rahmean Our Town 05:06
3 Doe, Lee Majors Take That 02:26
4 Dru Down, Rahmean I Be Leanin 03:08
5 Dru Down, Rahmean Look Into My Eyes 04:15
6 Lee Majors, Dru Down Keylo Iz A Measure 01:22
7 Lee Majors Ya Wifey 00:55
8 Lee Majors, Rahmean, Dru Down, Garland Im Paid 03:31
9 Dru Down Get That Bread 03:51
10 Lee Majors, 2wiceberg Slim Hyfee High 02:25
11 Dru Down, Lee Majors Hands Up 02:05
12 Lee Majors, P-Dot. K.O Ready 4 Me 02:15
13 Lee Majors, Benny Blanco Mr See Through 01:34
14 Dru Down, Lee Majors Ooh 02:19
15 Rahmean, Dru Down, Lee Majors, Pleasure Can’t Stop The Hustle 03:45
16 Dru Down, Lee Majors Super Hero 02:18
17 Dru Down You Know Me 01:54
18 Rahmean, Lee Majors OK 01:52
19 Lee Majors Dope Game Mobsta 01:39
20 Dru Down, Lee Majors Push It 02:28
21 Lee Majors, S-5 Out 2 Get Ya 02:10
22 Ready Reg, Frank Sticks, Lee Majors Rock 02:35
23 Lee Majors, Dru Down, Tuff Talkin Shit 04:22
24 Lee Majors I Don’t Know 02:01
25 Dru Down, Lee Majors, Kincaid Get Off My Pipe 02:17
26 Dru Down, Kincaid, Rahmean, Lee Majors She’z Dancin 02:36
27 DJ Backside Backside Skit 00:28


“Crack Muzic Vol. 1” is a high-energy mixtape presented by Got Major? Muzic and The Regime, featuring prominent Oakland, California rappers Dru Down, Lee Majors, and Rahmean. Released in 2007 under the Pimp On Records label, this mixtape showcases the trio’s raw talent and exemplifies the vibrant hyphy movement that originated from the Bay Area hip-hop scene.

The 27-track project kicks off with the “Mafia Intro” by Dru Down, setting the stage for the energetic and dynamic tracks that follow. Standout tracks include “Our Town,” a collaboration between Dru Down, Lee Majors, and Rahmean that highlights their love for their hometown, and “I Be Leanin,” a catchy tune by Dru Down and Rahmean that embodies the signature hyphy sound.

“Crack Muzic Vol. 1” features an array of diverse tracks, from the smooth and seductive “Ya Wifey” by Lee Majors to the gritty and hard-hitting “Get That Bread” by Dru Down. The mixtape also boasts several noteworthy collaborations, such as “Can’t Stop The Hustle” featuring Rahmean, Dru Down, Lee Majors, and Pleasure, and “She’z Dancin,” a joint effort by Dru Down, Kincaid, Rahmean, and Lee Majors.

DJ Backside expertly mixes the tracks, blending one song into the next and creating a seamless listening experience. The mixtape is distributed by Rapbay, a platform that supports independent hip-hop artists and labels.

“Crack Muzic Vol. 1” captures the essence of the hyphy movement and serves as a testament to the unique sound and style that emerged from the Oakland hip-hop scene in the 2000s. For fans of West Coast rap and hyphy music, this mixtape is a must-listen.



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