Dogg4Life – Carson’s Finest


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1 Carson’s Finest 04:47
2 Live 2Nite 05:15
3 What Y’all Want?` 04:46
4 G’s On A Track 04:10


“Carson’s Finest” is the only studio release by rap group Dogg4Life hailing from Carson, California. Released in 2000 under Litter Bug Records, this EP showcases the group’s unique G-Funk and gangsta rap styles, blending catchy beats with powerful lyrics. The tight-knit group delivers a fresh take on West Coast hip-hop in this four-track EP, leaving fans wanting more.

The EP kicks off with the title track, “Carson’s Finest,” an ode to the group’s hometown and an instant classic that sets the tone for the rest of the release. Dogg4Life’s lyrical prowess and unique sound shine through in this opening track, capturing the essence of the Carson hip-hop scene.

“Live 2Nite” follows, providing an upbeat and energetic anthem for those looking to celebrate life and let loose. The track is perfect for a night out or simply to get listeners hyped up, showcasing the group’s versatility and ability to create a memorable party tune.

Next up is “What Y’all Want?,” a track that highlights Dogg4Life’s confidence and swagger. The group effortlessly demonstrates their skills on the mic, daring listeners to question their position in the rap game.

The EP concludes with “G’s On A Track,” an unapologetic display of Dogg4Life’s talent and dedication to their craft. The group’s chemistry is undeniable in this final track, leaving a lasting impression on listeners and solidifying their status as Carson’s finest.

Though only an EP, “Carson’s Finest” is a testament to Dogg4Life’s potential and talent. The group’s unique blend of G-Funk and gangsta rap styles leaves a lasting impact on fans of West Coast hip-hop and beyond.



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