Dazzie Dee – The Re-Birth


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1 Tha Ultimate Drive-By 02:53
2 Knee Deep 05:06
3 Tha Re-Birth 04:15
4 Ain’t No Busta’s This Way 04:45
Featuring – Ice Cube, K-Dee
5 When A G Meets A G-Stress 04:15
6 Unda Da Table 04:08
Featuring – Dolemite
7 On My Cide 04:06
8 Once Upon A Time 04:41
9 Sticcey Situation 04:22
10 Where You From? (Westside Hoodsta Re-Mix) 04:18
Featuring – King Tee, Mixmaster Spade, Toddy Tee


“The Re-Birth” is a studio album by Los Angeles-based rapper Dazzie Dee, released on July 23, 1996, by Raging Bull Records. Showcasing Dazzie Dee’s prowess in the hip-hop genre, particularly the gangsta style, the album features collaborations with renowned artists such as Ice Cube, K-Dee, Dolemite, King Tee, Mixmaster Spade, and Toddy Tee.

The album kicks off with “Tha Ultimate Drive-By,” followed by “Knee Deep” and the title track “Tha Re-Birth.” “Ain’t No Busta’s This Way” features Ice Cube and K-Dee, while “When A G Meets A G-Stress” takes the listener further into Dazzie Dee’s world. “Unda Da Table” features Dolemite, and “On My Cide” includes contributions from Coolio and MC Chill.

“Once Upon A Time” sets the stage for “Sticcey Situation” and the final track, “Where You From? (Westside Hoodsta Re-Mix),” featuring King Tee, Mixmaster Spade, and Toddy Tee.

The album was marketed by AEC Label Development and copyrighted by G-Vine Entertainment. Producers for “The Re-Birth” include Clint “Payback” Sands on track 1, DJ Battlecat on tracks 2, 4-7, and 9, and Dazzie Dee on tracks 1-5, 7-10. The album was recorded at various studios, including Dea-N-Yo-Rump Studios, Backroom Studios, and Aire L.A. Studios.

“The Re-Birth” serves as a testament to Dazzie Dee’s talent and dedication to the hip-hop genre, making it a must-listen for fans and gangsta rap enthusiasts alike.



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