Damu The Fudgemunk – How It Should Sound, Vol. 3


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1 Continue Here 01:45
2 The Sound 03:25
3 Time On (2005) 04:10
4 Kool Papa Sport (2004) 01:29
5 It Drinks It Pours (2004) 02:59
6 Hallway (2005) 02:04
7 Pursuit (2008) 03:07
8 Just Look Up (Pawt 2) [2005] 03:15
9 Fragment (2005) 02:59
10 The Exchange (2004) 02:11
11 You Earned It (2004) 01:54
12 In With The Moonlight (2004) 03:04


How It Should Sound, Vol. 3 is the third installment in Damu The Fudgemunk’s instrumental album series. Released in 2019 by Redefinition Records, the album features 12 tracks showcasing Damu’s signature style of dusty, sample-based beats.

The tracks on the album were created between 2004 and 2008, and are a mix of previously unreleased material and reworked versions of beats from Damu’s extensive archive. Each track is named after the year it was originally created, giving listeners a glimpse into the producer’s creative process and evolution over time.

The album is a masterclass in classic boom-bap production, with hard-hitting drums, soulful samples, and jazzy instrumentation. Damu’s attention to detail and his ability to create a cohesive sonic journey from start to finish make How It Should Sound, Vol. 3 a standout project in his catalog.

Fans of instrumental hip-hop, golden-era production, and crate-digging culture will find plenty to love on this album. With its timeless sound and undeniable groove, How It Should Sound, Vol. 3 is a testament to Damu The Fudgemunk’s skills as a beatmaker and his enduring impact on the genre.



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