D-Spitta – More Dope


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1 DJ Iceman Intro 00:48
Featuring – DJ Iceman
2 On Life 03:55
3 Ain’t Got Time 03:29
Featuring – Ac Brady
4 Whip It 03:43
5 The Come Up 02:39
Featuring – Ray Guevara
6 All Real 02:58
7 N.I.G.G.A. 03:29
Featuring – Armani Depaul
8 Elevated Music 04:00
9 Edith 03:03
10 No Squares 04:03
11 The Grind 03:42
12 Say No More 04:53
13 D-Spitta Shout-Outs 03:19
14 You Can Get It 03:40
Featuring – T Carrier


“More Dope” is a captivating mixtape by Fairfield, California rapper D-Spitta, released on January 21, 2016, by Icebreakers Entertainment. This project showcases D-Spitta’s lyrical prowess and versatility in the Hip Hop genre, with a mix of introspective tracks and energetic anthems.

The mixtape starts with “DJ Iceman Intro,” featuring DJ Iceman, who sets the tone for the project. Throughout the 14 tracks, D-Spitta collaborates with various artists such as Ac Brady on “Ain’t Got Time,” Ray Guevara on “The Come Up,” Armani Depaul on “N.I.G.G.A.,” and T Carrier on “You Can Get It.” These collaborations add depth and diversity to the mixtape, reflecting D-Spitta’s ability to create engaging music with fellow artists.

Songs like “On Life,” “Whip It,” and “All Real” showcase D-Spitta’s skillful wordplay and storytelling, while “Elevated Music” and “No Squares” offer a more laid-back vibe. “The Grind” and “Say No More” delve into the rapper’s determination and dedication to his craft, providing listeners with a glimpse into his journey in the music industry.

“More Dope” is a testament to D-Spitta’s talent as an up-and-coming artist, highlighting his potential to make a significant impact on the Hip Hop scene. This mixtape is a must-listen for fans of innovative and authentic rap music.



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