D.J. U-Neek – Ghetto Street Pharmacist


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1 Ghetto Street Pharmacist (Intro) 03:06
2 On The Run 02:45
Featuring – Cold 187um, Dresta The Gangsta
3 We Come 2 Serve ‘Em (Remix) 04:35
Featuring – Jagwarr, E.W.F., Gemini, Krayzie Bone, L-Jay, Nytowl
4 Murda Murda 04:10
Featuring – L-Jay, Layzie Bone, Lethal
5 Bring It On 03:04
Featuring – Jagwarr
6 Now That I’m Over You 03:40
Featuring – Gemini
7 Ain’t No Love 04:14
Featuring – Big Chan, Sheeba Black, Squeak Ru
8 I Want Cha’ Lovin 04:06
Featuring – E.W.F., Lei Callaway, Topp Notch
9 Blaze 04:43
Featuring – E.W.F., Sneek
10 Doctor Doctor 04:07
Featuring – Bizzy Bone, Gemini
11 On Deck 03:22
Featuring – Nytowl
12 Hard 01:48
13 What Must I Do 03:37
Featuring – Jaz, Nytowl
14 We Come 2 Serve ‘Em 04:28
Featuring – E.W.F., Nytowl, The Kingpin Family
15 California Streets 03:57
Featuring – L-Jay
16 Eastsider 03:42
Featuring – Menenski
17 Woe Is I 04:41
Featuring – Deumpozed
18 The Real Ones 04:11
Featuring – Big Bone, Lurch
19 Doctor Doctor (Remix) 04:18
Featuring – Gemini


“Ghetto Street Pharmacist” is the debut studio album by Los Angeles-based producer and DJ, D.J. U-Neek. Released on October 5, 1999, by Thump Street Records, this album showcases the producer’s talent in creating hard-hitting, gangsta and G-funk tracks. The album features a diverse range of artists including Cold 187um, Dresta The Gangsta, Jagwarr, E.W.F., Gemini, Krayzie Bone, L-Jay, Nytowl, Layzie Bone, Lethal, Big Chan, Sheeba Black, Squeak Ru, Lei Callaway, Topp Notch, Sneek, Bizzy Bone, Jaz, The Kingpin Family, Menenski, Deumpozed, Big Bone, and Lurch.

The album kicks off with “Ghetto Street Pharmacist (Intro),” setting the stage for a collection of tracks that delve into the realities of street life. “On The Run,” featuring Cold 187um and Dresta The Gangsta, demonstrates DJ U-Neek’s ability to blend pulsating beats with compelling lyrics. “We Come 2 Serve ‘Em (Remix)” showcases the versatility of featured artists such as Jagwarr, E.W.F., Gemini, Krayzie Bone, L-Jay, and Nytowl.

“Murda Murda,” featuring L-Jay, Layzie Bone, and Lethal, serves as a testament to the darker side of life in the streets, while “Bring It On,” featuring Jagwarr, demonstrates the group’s ability to create high-energy tracks. The album also includes more melodic tracks, such as “Now That I’m Over You,” featuring Gemini, showcasing the group’s diverse range of talents.

“Ghetto Street Pharmacist” captures the essence of gangsta and G-funk, providing listeners with a raw and authentic representation of the streets. The album is a testament to DJ U-Neek’s prowess as a producer and his ability to collaborate with a wide range of artists to create a unique and memorable sound.



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