D.E.X. – Hard To Swallow


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1 Hard To Swallow (Intro) 03:05
2 Lord I Pray 04:15
3 Drowning 05:06
4 Who Wants To Be A Leader 04:20
5 Slow Down Son 04:14
6 Upside Down 04:39
7 Media Rules 04:11
8 Gotta Have It 04:16
9 Diggin 04:23
10 Goodbye 04:23
11 Beautiful 04:41
12 I’ll Show Ya 04:13
13 Cryin Out 04:31
14 Just Wanna Be Loved 05:03
15 Spread Luv 04:14
16 Mind Sick 04:50


“Hard To Swallow” marks the impressive debut studio album by rapper D.E.X. from Gardena, California. Released in 1998 under Brown Rice Entertainment, this album introduces listeners to D.E.X.’s unique blend of Hip Hop and G-Funk styles. Comprising 16 tracks, “Hard To Swallow” showcases the rapper’s diverse range of lyrical themes and smooth production.

The album opens with the fittingly-titled “Hard To Swallow (Intro),” setting the stage for D.E.X.’s powerful delivery and skillful wordplay. Songs like “Lord I Pray,” “Drowning,” and “Who Wants To Be A Leader” delve into introspective themes, revealing the rapper’s thought-provoking perspectives on life, faith, and leadership.

Tracks such as “Slow Down Son,” “Upside Down,” and “Media Rules” demonstrate D.E.X.’s ability to tackle contemporary social issues, while “Gotta Have It” and “Diggin” showcase his undeniable passion for the art of rap. The album’s midpoint, “Goodbye” and “Beautiful,” offers a more vulnerable side of the rapper, touching on themes of love and loss.

As the album progresses, songs like “I’ll Show Ya,” “Cryin Out,” and “Just Wanna Be Loved” continue to exhibit D.E.X.’s lyrical prowess and unique style. The album concludes with “Spread Luv” and “Mind Sick,” two powerful tracks that cement D.E.X.’s status as a formidable force in the West Coast Hip Hop scene.

Overall, “Hard To Swallow” is an exceptional debut album that showcases D.E.X.’s immense talent and potential. The album is a must-listen for fans of G-Funk and Hip Hop from the late ’90s, as well as those seeking a fresh voice in the genre.



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