Cobra – Playaz In Paradise


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1 All Night 05:20
2 Get It Together 04:53
3 Mary J. 04:32
4 Secret Lovers 04:50
5 Sliden 04:37
Featuring – Dru Down, Knucklehead
6 Ghetto Game 04:23
7 People Make The World Go Round 03:59
8 Through A Gangsta’s Eyes 04:07
Featuring – Solo G
9 Bringing Heat 04:10
10 You Ain’t Smokin’ Nuthin’ 04:32
Featuring – Solo G, Wisdom
11 Act A Fool 04:48
Featuring – Unidentified
12 West Coast Anthem 04:02
Featuring – Solo G
13 Jealous M.F. 04:20
14 Wave Your Hands 04:05
Featuring – Dre, Snaggle Tooth Vest


“Playaz In Paradise” is the only studio album by Oakland rapper Cobra, released on September 10, 1996, by New Quest Records. This classic gangsta rap and G-Funk album showcases Cobra’s lyrical skills and smooth, engaging flow, providing a snapshot of Oakland’s hip-hop scene in the mid-90s.

The album features 14 tracks, with Cobra collaborating with notable artists such as Dru Down, Knucklehead, Solo G, Wisdom, Unidentified, Dre, and Snaggle Tooth Vest. Standout songs include “All Night,” “Get It Together,” and “Sliden,” where Cobra is joined by Dru Down and Knucklehead for an unforgettable collaboration.

“Playaz In Paradise” also highlights Cobra’s versatility with tracks like “Secret Lovers” and “Mary J.,” displaying his ability to create a more laid-back, melodic sound. As the album progresses, tracks such as “Through A Gangsta’s Eyes” and “West Coast Anthem” solidify Cobra’s place in the gangsta rap and G-Funk genres.

This album was executive-produced by Frank Herrera, with Cobra himself taking on the role of producer for most of the tracks. The album’s visuals were created by Todd D. Smith, with photography by Tyrone W. Thompson.

“Playaz In Paradise” is a must-listen for fans of classic West Coast hip-hop, offering a genuine representation of Oakland’s 90s rap scene. With its solid production, memorable collaborations, and Cobra’s engaging storytelling, this album remains a unique gem in the world of gangsta rap.



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