Chronic Side Crew – Focus


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1 Skit 1 00:11
2 Intro 01:39
3 Skit 2 00:13
4 Whatcha Gonna Do 05:15
5 Chronic Music 05:12
6 I Like It 04:30
7 Focus 03:06
8 Prince Charming 03:03
9 Exposure 02:23
10 Flesh 05:18
11 Automatic 03:57
12 Watchin My Crew 05:14
13 Bang 04:16
14 Non-Stop 03:41
15 Never Trust “Em 06:03
16 Follow Me 05:32


“Focus” is an incredibly rare and highly sought-after album by the rap group Chronic Side Crew hailing from Los Angeles, California. Released in 1998 under the Dub Sac Records label, this underground gem showcases the group’s talent and ability to create memorable G-Funk and Gangsta tracks that resonate with hip-hop enthusiasts.

The 16-track album begins with a series of skits and an intro that set the stage for the musical journey that follows. “Whatcha Gonna Do” kicks off the musical portion of the album, followed by “Chronic Music,” which highlights the group’s love for the genre. “I Like It” offers a catchy hook, while the title track, “Focus,” demonstrates the group’s ability to create a cohesive and engaging sound.

Continuing with tracks like “Prince Charming,” “Exposure,” “Flesh,” and “Automatic,” Chronic Side Crew maintains the album’s momentum and showcases their versatility. “Watchin My Crew” and “Bang” keep the energy high, while “Non-Stop” and “Never Trust ‘Em” deliver powerful messages to listeners. The album closes with the track “Follow Me,” leaving fans wanting more.

Though details about the group and their work are scarce, the rarity of “Focus” has made it a highly desirable item for collectors and fans of underground hip-hop. With its engaging beats, strong lyrical content, and G-Funk and Gangsta influences, “Focus” by Chronic Side Crew is a hidden treasure that deserves recognition and appreciation from the hip-hop community.



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