Chris Lockett & Philthy Rich – Mouthpiece Society & Livewire Records Presents: 11-5900


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1 Philthy Rich, Chris Lockett The Business 04:21
Featuring – Royal
2 Philthy Rich, Chris Lockett Sunt’n In My Louies 04:30
3 Chris Lockett Hugg’n The Block 04:40
Featuring – Fat Kev
4 Chris Lockett Driving A Nigga Crazy 02:49
5 Chris Lockett First Shot 04:17
Featuring – Either, Young Dame
6 Philthy Rich, Chris Lockett Real East Oakland 04:22
Featuring – Beeda Weeda
7 Philthy Rich, Chris Lockett The Nigga 05:18
Featuring – G Lean
8 Philthy Rich, Chris Lockett Believe In Myself 03:49
Featuring – Danny From Sobrante
9 Chris Lockett Military Mindstate 02:55
10 Chris Lockett Smothered Potatoes 03:52
Featuring – V. White, Big Zeke
11 Chris Lockett No Love 03:03
12 Philthy Rich, Chris Lockett Gangster’s Playground 03:49
Featuring – Danny From Sobrante, Matt Blaque
13 Chris Lockett My Mack 04:15
14 Philthy Rich, Chris Lockett He Never Seen It Coming 04:31
Featuring – Stevie Joe
15 Philthy Rich, Chris Lockett Fine Again 04:15
Featuring – Danny From Sobrante


Mouthpiece Society and Livewire Records teamed up to present the collaborative project “11-5900” by Oakland, California rappers Chris Lockett and Philthy Rich. Released on October 2, 2012, under Hittin Spittin Ent, this mixtape features 15 tracks with various guest artists, including Royal, Fat Kev, Either, Young Dame, Beeda Weeda, G Lean, Danny From Sobrante, V. White, Big Zeke, Matt Blaque, and Stevie Joe.

“11-5900” showcases the undeniable talent of both Chris Lockett and Philthy Rich, blending their unique styles and influences to create a cohesive and engaging listening experience. The mixtape covers a range of themes, from street life and personal struggles to ambition and self-belief, providing listeners with a genuine and raw representation of the artists’ experiences and perspectives.

With standout tracks like “The Business,” “Real East Oakland,” and “Gangster’s Playground,” “11-5900” is a testament to the powerful collaboration between these two skilled rappers. This project is not only an essential addition to the discography of both artists but also a significant contribution to the broader Oakland hip-hop scene.



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