Chap Cheezee – Life Iza Gamble


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1 Intro – Ghetto News Reporter 01:38
2 Comin’ Up Slauson 04:17
3 Ain’t None Greater 03:48
4 Riders Like Us 04:12
5 Rhyme Or Crime 04:24
6 Traffic 05:11
7 Niggas Will Be Niggas 04:31
8 G-String (Holiday Inn) 04:26
9 Dice Game (Skit) 01:38
10 We Ballin’ 04:30
11 I Keep It Rollin’ 04:08
12 Life Iza Gamble 03:33
13 Last Word 02:00


“Life Iza Gamble” is a captivating project by rapper Chap Cheezee, representing Los Angeles, California. Released on March 14, 2000, through Allied Artists and Parlay Records, this album showcases Chap Cheezee’s exceptional talent as a lyricist, weaving together tales of street life, ambition, and survival.

The 13-track album starts with “Intro – Ghetto News Reporter,” setting the tone for the gritty, authentic stories to follow. “Comin’ Up Slauson” and “Ain’t None Greater” demonstrate Chap Cheezee’s ability to blend powerful beats with compelling lyrics. “Riders Like Us” and “Rhyme or Crime” highlight the rapper’s storytelling prowess, while “Traffic” showcases his keen observations of street life.

Tracks like “Niggas Will Be Niggas” and “G-String (Holiday Inn)” add a touch of humor and wit to the album. The “Dice Game (Skit)” serves as a transition to “We Ballin’,” a track celebrating success and ambition. “I Keep It Rollin'” and “Life Iza Gamble” emphasize the album’s theme of taking risks and embracing the uncertainty of life.

Closing with “Last Word,” Chap Cheezee leaves listeners with a final message about perseverance and resilience. “Life Iza Gamble” is a testament to Chap Cheezee’s undeniable talent and his ability to create a raw, engaging, and memorable hip-hop project.



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