Captain Save ‘Em – Freaky Tales


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1 Booty Drop 03:25
Featuring – Fel
2 I Need A Freak (Remix) 05:21
Featuring – Too Short
3 Indo Smoke 05:38
Featuring – Fel, Lil Big
4 Ecstasy 04:34
Featuring – Ant Banks, B-Legit, Harm
5 Ride It 02:46
6 Freaks 04:17
Featuring – Funk Daddy
7 Give It 2 Me 01:37
8 Fuck U 04:12
Featuring – Notorious G’s
9 Sex 2 Nite 03:36
Featuring – E-40
10 Deep Deep 03:37
Featuring – Levitti
11 If It Feels Good 03:38
12 All I Do 03:34
Featuring – Young Woo
13 Trying Ta Get My Freak On 02:49


“Freaky Tales” is the second studio album by Captain Save ‘Em, a member of the Oakland-based rap group T.W.D.Y. Released on March 26, 2002, by Free Agent Entertainment, the album features 13 tracks that showcase Captain Save ‘Em’s unique style and his ability to collaborate with other notable artists in the hip-hop scene.

The album kicks off with “Booty Drop,” featuring Fel, setting the tone for the project with a catchy hook and memorable verses. “I Need A Freak (Remix)” follows, featuring the legendary Too Short, providing a fresh take on a classic hit.

“Indo Smoke,” featuring Fel and Lil Big, is a laid-back track that highlights Captain Save ‘Em’s smooth delivery and storytelling abilities. “Ecstasy,” featuring Ant Banks, B-Legit, and Harm, is a standout track on the album, showcasing an impressive lineup of West Coast talent.

“Ride It” continues the album’s momentum with an infectious beat and catchy chorus. “Freaks,” featuring Funk Daddy, and “Give It 2 Me” display Captain Save ‘Em’s versatility and ability to create memorable hooks.

“Fuck U,” featuring Notorious G’s, is an unapologetic track that adds a raw edge to the album. “Sex 2 Nite,” featuring E-40, is a notable collaboration that brings together two Bay Area heavyweights.

“Deep Deep,” featuring Levitti, provides a change of pace with a more melodic approach. “If It Feels Good” and “All I Do,” featuring Young Woo, showcase Captain Save ‘Em’s ability to blend different styles within the hip-hop genre.

The album closes with “Trying Ta Get My Freak On,” a fitting conclusion to a project that highlights Captain Save ‘Em’s distinctive style and talent for creating catchy, memorable tracks.



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