Caprice – Platinums Of A Rapper


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1 Blood Brothers 03:33
Featuring – Fade
2 What Do You Want? 04:02
Featuring – Captain Save Em, Horatio, Krazy
3 It’s A Struggle 03:53
4 Leave Your Guns At Home 04:09
Featuring – C.C.
5 Every Womans Dream 04:11
Featuring – OG Rocky Road
6 Start The Countdown 03:29
7 Get Your Old Pictures Ready 04:02
8 The Mob 03:58
9 Watching Time Fly 03:28
Featuring – C.C.
10 Sideshow 06:10
Featuring – 20 Sack, Black Mike, Holy Quran, Keak Da Sneak, Mustafa
11 25-2-Life 03:46
12 Get To Stripping 03:53
Featuring – Horatio
13 Love Caprice 04:16


“Platinums Of A Rapper” is the debut studio album of Oakland-based rapper Caprice. Released on October 30, 2001, by Bay Mob Records, this album showcases Caprice’s unique blend of G-Funk and Gangsta rap styles. With 13 tracks, the album provides a diverse range of songs that emphasize Caprice’s lyrical skills and storytelling abilities.

The album begins with “Blood Brothers,” featuring Fade, establishing the tone of the project with strong verses and an engaging hook. “What Do You Want?” follows, featuring Captain Save Em, Horatio, and Krazy, highlighting Caprice’s ability to collaborate with other talented artists.

“It’s A Struggle” and “Leave Your Guns At Home,” featuring C.C., display Caprice’s storytelling abilities and provide insight into the challenges and realities of street life. “Every Womans Dream,” featuring OG Rocky Road, showcases Caprice’s smooth delivery and penchant for creating catchy hooks.

“Start The Countdown” and “Get Your Old Pictures Ready” demonstrate Caprice’s talent for blending different styles within the hip-hop genre. “The Mob” offers an unapologetic, raw edge to the album, while “Watching Time Fly,” featuring C.C., provides a more introspective approach.

“Sideshow,” featuring 20 Sack, Black Mike, Holy Quran, Keak Da Sneak, and Mustafa, is a standout collaboration that brings together a diverse group of artists. “25-2-Life” and “Get To Stripping,” featuring Horatio, continue to display Caprice’s versatility and ability to create memorable songs.

The album concludes with “Love Caprice,” a fitting end to a project that highlights Caprice’s distinctive style and talent for creating catchy, memorable tracks that resonate with listeners.



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