C.J. Mack – Color Me Funky E.P.


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1 Intro 01:19
2 Hard Way 04:12
3 Color Me Funky 04:20
4 Understanding 04:46
5 Sweat 03:59
6 God Bless Ya Child 01:31
7 Color Me Funky (Club Mix) 04:14
8 Outro 00:24


“Color Me Funky E.P.” is a rare and highly sought-after record by Los Angeles-based rapper C.J. Mack, released in 1991 under Hard Way Records. This hip-hop gem is a showcase of C.J. Mack’s innovative and distinct West Coast style that has made him a prominent figure in the genre.

The 8-track EP kicks off with an engaging “Intro” that sets the stage for the compelling tracks to follow. “Hard Way” delivers a powerful performance with an infectious beat that highlights C.J. Mack’s rap prowess. The title track, “Color Me Funky,” presents a smooth, laid-back groove that perfectly embodies the EP’s funky essence.

“Understanding” provides a more introspective and thought-provoking side to the EP, while “Sweat” brings the energy back up with a catchy beat and compelling lyrics. “God Bless Ya Child” carries a message of hope and resilience, and the “Color Me Funky (Club Mix)” offers a danceable and engaging reinterpretation of the title track. The EP concludes with a memorable “Outro” that leaves a lasting impression.

C.J. Mack co-produced the entire EP alongside Rashaad Coes, with additional production work by Bo-G, Martin Lyndon-Lewis, and DJ Pooh. The EP’s executive producers, Aaron Anderson and C.J. Mack, ensured that the project was a cohesive and polished representation of the rapper’s unique style.

“Color Me Funky E.P.” stands as a testament to C.J. Mack’s talent as both a rapper and a producer, and serves as a valuable addition to the collections of hip-hop enthusiasts and collectors alike.



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